Is Johah Hill the New Marisa Tomei and Meryl Streep Better Win 84th Academy Awards

21 Feb

The hype of the 84th Academy Award nominations have come and gone.  Some of the names were expected; some were a surprise, and some, well, left us asking, who exactly is on the Academy board?

The Jonah Hill nomination, and oh goodness possible win, reminds me of when Marisa Tomei was nominated for Best supporting actress for My Cousin Vinny in 1992 and then, lo and behold, won.  I will not say that either of the actors do not deserve recognition, they both did a swell job showing us that even dumb women know cars, and even really smart, geeky guys know baseball, well maybe.  We will just have to wait and see if this is Jonah Hill’s year, at least he looks good.

Please, oh please, do not even get me started on the Melissa McCarthy nomination.  The movie Bridesmaids, in my opinion, was horrible, a pathetic wish to be just like the boys.  How is it possible to me nominated for pooping in a sink?  I mean, just the very thought of this nomination makes me ill and unfortunately makes me lament the good old days of Golden Hollywood, when things were classy.  Just, another reason to love Midnight in Paris.

A shout-out to MTirado, thanks for being such a great post follower and asking the questions we all want to know.

Now what I really think would be awesome is Brad Pitt taking home the Best Actor for Moneyball.  What could be better than Mr. Kalifornia taking home the prestigious award?  Well at least it would give the folks at E! something to gush about.  I am already loathing the ‘Ryan Seacrest, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt interview’ on the red carpet (awkward anyone? It actually makes me cringe!)

Okay now for the Best Actress nominations.

I do love Michele Williams, and My Week with Marilyn was a great flick.  The film, truthfully, made me fall in love with Eddie Redmayne all over again; he was fantastic in Pillars of the Earth.  Therefore, it makes me wonder how much of an Oscar-winning performance Williams actually brought to the table if my main attraction was Redmayne.

All right I cannot lie; it is hard for me to focus on the other nominees (who are they??) because of my infatuation with Meryl Streep.  The woman is unstoppable.  Streep is sexy, deliciously seductive, mesmerizing and wonderfully charismatic.   Yes, I said sexy, in that ‘comfortable in your own skin-strong woman in command kind of way.’  I admit the fact that Meryl Streep learned Polish for her role in Sophia’s Choice started the obsession, but her wonderful, subsequent roles have kept me coming back for more, year after year.

Meryl Streep has been nominated 17 times and only 2 wins. 



The time has come for another win.  May it be the year of Meryl Streep.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed, if only for the fact that her acceptance speeches are always so animated.


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