Post Oscar Hoopla

28 Feb

The 84th Academy Awards have come and gone.  Some of the winners were expected; others were a wonderful surprise.  Red carpet moments have been made and cemented into entertainment history.   I watched three hours of red carpet coverage, on three different channels, applauded and grimaced at some of the fashion choices,  and when I thought, I could not stand another man in an identical tuxedo; I was finally awarded the pleasure of watching a glamorous awards show, at least as compared to the disastrous previous year.

I have read the criticism, and I fully understand that Billy Crystal no longer has to worry about encountering his mid-life crises; he has been there, done that.  The countless blog, twitter and Facebook comments that proceeded to complain about the average age of the presenters, and the attendees made perturbed me just a little.  I have to say that when you hear the word hip, cool, and youthful over and over again, you begin to think that all the social commentators must be under the age of 25.  I say well done to Mr. Crystal, the ratings speak for themselves.  If you want hip and youthful watch the MTV music awards, thank goodness not everyone is like Justin Bieber.

The awards were entertaining.  I am still applauding the best actress win for Meryl Streep and significantly thinking, maybe I should look into these French men.  I had a grand time watching all the festivities, but as I look back at the evening, I realize it is not the outfits or the awards that made an impression it was the genuine show of love and affection that got my attention.

We go through life with high ambitions, hoping to create careers that are meaningful to us and maybe to others around us.  We save for the nice car, the nice house, the wonderful wardrobe and hopefully along the way we are loved and love someone in return.  It seems like such an insignificant gesture, one that sometimes goes unnoticed, overlooked and genially pushed aside.  I am not speaking of the fairy tale love story, but the real love we see every day.

The red carpet was full of stars who brought their parents or grandparents as their dates or just as a shoulder to lean on.  Jonah Hill brought his mom, who better to give the media dirty looks for calling her boy fat.  Brad Pitt escorted his parents down the red carpet, making them feel as if they were the stars, no matter the twitter twatter about the leg, Jolie only had eyes for her lover; gushing about his great manners.

The couples were out in full force.  Relationships we hope will last forever and others we know have a shelf life, here’s looking at you kid; Mr. George Clooney.  Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith looked very much in love while hitting the red carpet.  Jean Dujardin and his wife Alexandra Lamy nothing could really be better than the constant adoration they bestow on each other.  Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech may have been the best of the night; his heartfelt thanks and praise of his wife actually made me tear up.  Meryl Streep brilliantly thanked her husband at the beginning of her speech.  She very graciously acknowledged he had given her everything that she most valued in the world.

Moments such as these make me realize that it doesn’t matter if you win awards or get to wear fabulous clothes while others stare at you in wonder, without someone to love, it just seems fruitless.  The love of a parent, child, sibling, friend or significant other is something that can never be replaced by fame and fortune.  I think of it as a wonderful gift that anyone, no matter their station in life, can attain.  The gift of love is available for most of us, if we slow down, look around and enjoy the moment.  We cannot all be like the rich and famous individuals we saw on Sunday at the Academy Awards, but maybe, just maybe they can be like us and be able to marvel in the one thing that, hopefully, all of us can experience one day, love.



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