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The Freedom to Fail; Life is Sweet that way

27 Jun

The thing I love about writing the most is the freedom of failure.  I know many of you may argue this point, because for many; writing is a full-time stressful ‘I need to sell this stuff to pay the bills’ endeavor.  However, for me, like I am sure it is for some, writing is part of who I am.  I hope that with consistency, dedication, no procrastination, ambition and hard, hard work, writing will, in the future, (fingers crossed) change into a dream career.

In the meantime, I savor the opportunity to write, try to publish and succeed or fail on my own terms.  My success is strictly my own; my dreams, my imaginative world within the circle of writing is mine to keep, for if I succeed, then the applause will sound, and if I fail to publish, well that is just between me and my inner voice; the one urging me to try again.

Of course, some of us do not have another career or other opportunities to keep us sane while our writing takes root and blossoms.  I have a few friends who fall within this category.  I believe that those individuals are strong in spirit and their nature is to go full out, take no prisoners, success as the only option.  I applaud the writer who takes charge of their future and leaps into the unknown headfirst.  I believe that those individuals may question their circumstances or question their environment as a possible hindrance to their success; to this I say, it has not stopped you so far.  The only thing that can get in the way is a change in the can-do attitude; this attitude is a key to the future.

One of my favorite songs sums up how we sometimes feel about our careers or our lives.  I think Gavin DeGraw is so charming, his song Sweeter nails it dead on; wouldn’t it just be nice to take a holiday in another individual’s life if only for a bit!



No Motivation to Write: No Problem, Eye Spy the Soccer (football) Lads of Euro 2012

20 Jun

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to focus, unable to pick through the rubble that makes way for the diamond of the future. What must we do, when there is no urge to create, no urge to foster something for the morrow? Writing gets you in a pickle sometimes; focusing all energy on a project causes you to exclude the world around you. I am transported into another realm, one in which my imagination creates; a realm where all my ideas seem to make sense.

However, not being able to focus on my writing tasks causes me to disconnect with my world even more; I worry whether I will ever finish a piece, whether it is all worth the effort. I walk myself through all the motivational artillery I possess and most of the time I can get my inner demons of self-doubt, sometimes just plain laziness, out into the light, evaporated or maybe only invisible, waiting to reappear, but at least I have won against them for now.

Then there are the times that nothing does the trick, and I step away from the tasks for a while, give myself room to breathe, stop pushing and allow the fruition to manifest until it is ready to be brought forth, on its own, without my need to push something into existence, force it to become.

Those are the times I need a little distraction; currently, that is Euro 2012, the great game of football (soccer), and the lovely men who make it not only a game of talent and great fluid foot work, but also I feast for my eyes.  A girl has to have a distraction, alas a few handsome lads in uniform or out of it, for that matter, always get my creativity back on the path of cultivation.

That’s how I feel! (Robert Lewandowski)

We all have to win sometimes, right?! (Croatia)

Happiness is Energy. (Czech Republic)

 He is just that good, high five. (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Well… Not much to say or too much! (Fernando Torres)

I needed a little bit more, didn’t you? (Fernando Torres)

Yup, that’s the name of the game; which team jumps higher. (Germany)

That’s how we do it!! (Poland)

Moving on to the quarterfinals is something to celebrate! (Greece)

They tried their hardest. (Ireland) A little more Lewandowski, who can resist? (Robert Lewandowski)

That’s how you get your hair off your face 😉 ( Sergio Ramos)

Oh those Spanish boys, each uniquely good looking. (Spain)

The celebration was there for a little bit. (Poland)

We would love Pique to wave to us, right girls? (Spain)

We all want to know what he’s thinking. (Steven Gerrard)

Air Hugs! (Sweden)

 A little sprinkle of fabulous chest hair. (Xabi Alonso)

This is what Soccer (football) is all about!!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo and  Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Portugal and Sweden)

Dear Dr., Congratulations!!!!

17 Jun

I want to send out my warmest hugs and kisses to a best friend.  She weathered through 12 years of preparation for a rich career.  The decision to become an OB/GYN was not one taken lightly; however, it was a clear path of wanting to help bring life into the world in an orderly and non-dysfunctional way! 😉



Of course, Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful men who have taken on such a rewarding yet, difficult task in life; raising a family.

Euro 2012: The Curtain has fallen on Poland.

16 Jun

The Polish team failed to lead the host country into the quarterfinals.  Poland came out strong, with opportunity after opportunity to score.  However, it was not to be; Czech Republic would deny Poland the advance.

The atmosphere is somber, Polish fans are left to ponder the future of their football (soccer) team, and the reality of coming back for World cup 2014.

Tears have been shed; hearts are broken.

Poland will prevail, as we always do.  The economy will grow, and the country of Poland will continue to unveil its wonders for those visiting.

With Special thanks to the players who Kept Poland ahead, even if just for a while.

Przemyslaw Tyton

Robert Lewandowski

Jakub Błaszczykowski

I give a farewell round of applause to the team of Poland.

Euro 2012: Fans Enjoy the Best of Poland, Good Beer and Great Food!

15 Jun

I love really good food and a good glass of wine or a great cold mug of beer; add to the mix a great football (soccer) match and life is good.

The fans who flocked to Poland and the Ukraine for UEFA Euro 2012 have not been disappointed when it comes to entertainment; there hasn’t been a dull moment since the opening celebrations.  What has kept them happy and coming back for more, the hospitality, the food and beer of course.

Some fun food Friday for those that have not yet had the privilege of sampling the best of Poland; No I don’t mean the good-looking guys and gals!

The fans are definitely enjoying the beer in Poland, as I mentioned in Euro 2012: Have a Drink or Two, I believe Poland has some of the best beer and vodka.  I think the fans may agree.

Na Zdrowie!!

Love this Picture, this is so Europe!

What’s his favorite brand?

Is Polish beer better than German, I might argue, yes?

Drinking may inspire your team to win; it surely helps the Polish economy!

 Yup, it’s better to drink when your team still has a chance, makes for happier fans.

Now for some food.

Gołąbki (cabbage rolls)

Pierogi (dumplings with different yummies on the inside)



Salatka kiszona z marchewką


Kotlety schabowe

The perfect Polish meal.

Check out Euro 2012: Gdansk, A City of Freedom, to take a look at grand Polish breakfasts.

Inspire your Confidence, Create Success: Sometimes a Good Sports Match is the Key!

13 Jun

The idea of success, no matter what your path in life may be, has been installed in our minds since before most of us can even remember.  As small children, even newborns, there are the hopeful dreams of our parents that we will be successful in life and love.

However, success can only show its bright glow if we have the belief in our talents, the belief in what we, as individuals, can bring to society, and the feeling, that ‘I’ can make a  small impact in this world.

Watching Euro 2012 has been a delight, but as I have noticed, just as the media writes off certain teams; Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, the team goes on to equalize their position in the tournament, proving once again that they will not come tumbling down; not yet.  Confidence and motivation become the key elements that draw someone back in the game, which creates an opening for success.

PortugalCzech RepublicPoland

No matter what your goals in life may be, no one should have the ability to keep you down, to keep you from reaching for the highest star and making it your own.  We have seen it all through history; those that have been turned down, rejected and unappreciated have blossomed.  As a writer, I have had my fair share of rejection, but what else is there to do but keep trying, keep writing, continue perfecting and push harder for the ultimate outcome: the published project.

We have to push through all the individuals who want to tell us we are not good enough.  We have to strive to continue no matter the chatter behind our backs, the part of the world that wants us to fail can only be proven wrong, if we work harder and push for our own future, the one we write with our own ambition and the confidence we build from within.

Sometimes big sports events can reawaken our senses, and stir ambition.  The summer will prove to be full of such events; first Euro 2012, next the 2012 Summer Olympics, and all kinds of fun stuff in between.

Euro 2012: Whatever Happens, Poland Wins the Hearts of Thousands

12 Jun

One of the most stressful matches of the tournament for any fan of Poland will be today:




I am Polish of course, so the stress will be 10 fold, not only will the final score, more or less, solidify the outcome of group A, but the tension in the air is as thick as honey.

Unfortunately, the Russian fans have already shown their unsportsmanlike behavior sending four stewards of the European championships to the hospital.  There are no excuses to why Russian fans would attack stewards after a match that left Russia winning against the Czechs 4-1.

Security will be tight today in Warsaw; thousands of fans, both in Russia and Poland, will watch the match.  The hoopla surrounding the tensions between the Polish and the Russians have been aggravated by the media, hopefully history will be kept off the field and the fans will focus on the spirit of the tournament, the spirit of friendly matches that unify the world.

Of course, we all have our favorites, and I will be putting all my fan energy into this match; the Polish team would be more than national heroes if they could pull this one off and win, or even bring home a tie.

Long Live Poland, and all the Best of Luck to a Wonderfully inspiring Team!

Robert Lewandowski: Poland Needs You Again


Euro 2012: An Oldie but Goodie Keeps the Spirits High: Andriy Shevchenko

11 Jun

A lack luster England vs France match left me begging for more; more flair like the football (soccer) matches I have become accustomed to.  England played a defensive match, lacking the energy needed to produce positive crowd appreciation.

The highlight was the Sweden vs Ukraine match.  Who would have thought??

Well apparently not the commentators, they thought Sweden would take the win.

 Andriy Shevchenko scored 2 points, utter brilliance.  The striker was not even supposed to make the starting lineup, but for a few days back.  Well, the veteran player, who made his Euro debut, didn’t let his age get in the way of grand football (soccer) skills, scoring not one but two goals: goals rewarded by the Ukrainian fans, who made their own impact on the game.  The crowd support stirred the players to go for the win.

Oldest Striker in the tournament,  Andriy Shevchenko, scores better than the youngest superstars yet to make their mark.

Now that was some exciting Football (soccer)!

Tomorrow, will be a nail biter, and I might just have to be a little tipsy for the Poland vs Russia Game.

Long live Poland!

An Ocean of Opportunity: Motivation to Write

11 Jun

The world holds many wonders, motivational inspirations, as well as obstacles.  I have felt the pull before, the urging in my head to live by the sea.  I answered that call once and took full advantage of all the vastness and beauty of the ocean.  I return to the ocean, alas only on vacations, year after year, the yearning to make it my permanent home never ceases.

I love the ocean in the middle of the summer, when the sand is warm beneath my feet, when I can make my way to the water’s edge and slowly wade into the sea, as if an unknown force pulls me further towards the welcoming salty, warmth of waters that foster and protect our planet.  Water swirls around me, fish nibble at my toes, seaweed ripples past my body; the waves make way for my form to take its place in the wonder that never ceases to create, to emulate the inner energy of our planet’s core, the ocean at its best.

I love the ocean during the winter; the cold air that travels from miles away, streaming its invisible fingers past my cheek, through my hair, sending the most wonderful shivers of anticipation to the deepest cells of the human form standing on the edge of the sea.   The water rekindles life with the storms of a rejuvenating cycle, which never cease to amaze the eyes of a creature that makes its home on a land that begs for the endless caress of wave after wave.

The ocean motivates the writer within, allowing for the vast possibilities of an ever-changing planet to welcome us to its existence.  The writing that is yet to make its mark can only prove to be a part of this world if it rides on the waves of a continual life cycle.  I see the ocean before me, and my energy is reawakened, my inspiration alive and ready to take its place in the waves, which ripple through countless human forms who stand on the edge waiting to take the leap.

 Let the Ocean motivate you to reach for your own dreams, or at least settle your soul and let inspiration reawaken in your being.

Euro 2012: Lewandowski Polish Hero: He Could Have Been!

8 Jun

A perfect header into the net, Robert Lewandowski gave Poland a 1-0 lead in the first half of the game against Greece.  The Polish team came out strong, looked unstoppable and left the crowd in awe of a football (soccer) game written like a perfect play by play.

Lewandowski was ready by the net, with a wonderful smile on his face throughout most of the first half.

Poland dominated possession of the ball and looked to be not only in prime offensive domination, but was eagerly awaiting to jump on their defensive skills as well.  Alas, the Greeks looked sluggish and unresponsive in the first half, failing to keep the ball away from their neck of the woods, playing a defense game, a non impressive one to add.

Then we go to break, a half time motivational speeches from the coaches; speeches that could have kept the Polish team on top, and the Greeks spirits revitalized.

The second half of the match is still a wonder to me.  What happened behind the scenes, the Polish team comes back out onto the field, and looks deflated, energy sapping and offense almost completely invisible.  The only highlight of the second half is goalie substitute Przemyslaw Tyton saving a penalty kick.

A question arises, did Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, lose the match?  Do you rush the ball, if you are not confident enough to dominate the hold?

All in all, it was a good game, and it had me glued to the television set, although I could have been a little less tense had the Polish team kept up their fever.

Okay back to the job at hand, Czech Republic vs Russia.

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