Euro 2012: Fans Enjoy the Best of Poland, Good Beer and Great Food!

15 Jun

I love really good food and a good glass of wine or a great cold mug of beer; add to the mix a great football (soccer) match and life is good.

The fans who flocked to Poland and the Ukraine for UEFA Euro 2012 have not been disappointed when it comes to entertainment; there hasn’t been a dull moment since the opening celebrations.  What has kept them happy and coming back for more, the hospitality, the food and beer of course.

Some fun food Friday for those that have not yet had the privilege of sampling the best of Poland; No I don’t mean the good-looking guys and gals!

The fans are definitely enjoying the beer in Poland, as I mentioned in Euro 2012: Have a Drink or Two, I believe Poland has some of the best beer and vodka.  I think the fans may agree.

Na Zdrowie!!

Love this Picture, this is so Europe!

What’s his favorite brand?

Is Polish beer better than German, I might argue, yes?

Drinking may inspire your team to win; it surely helps the Polish economy!

 Yup, it’s better to drink when your team still has a chance, makes for happier fans.

Now for some food.

Gołąbki (cabbage rolls)

Pierogi (dumplings with different yummies on the inside)



Salatka kiszona z marchewką


Kotlety schabowe

The perfect Polish meal.

Check out Euro 2012: Gdansk, A City of Freedom, to take a look at grand Polish breakfasts.


2 Responses to “Euro 2012: Fans Enjoy the Best of Poland, Good Beer and Great Food!”

  1. servetus June 17, 2012 at 1:14 pm #

    Personally, I still think German beer is better, but Germany has no vodka. Esp not Żubrówka. And I live for Barszcz, or “borscht,” as we call it here.

    I’m sorry about the team, though.

    • Just a Girl and her Pups June 17, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

      Good to hear from someone at least refuting my Polish beer is best claim 😉 I think, for me, it has to do with great memories in Poland, with a good beer! Zubrowka is fabulous, especially with a little apple cider. Poland will try again in the future, now for my other team…GO Spain!

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