No Motivation to Write: No Problem, Eye Spy the Soccer (football) Lads of Euro 2012

20 Jun

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to focus, unable to pick through the rubble that makes way for the diamond of the future. What must we do, when there is no urge to create, no urge to foster something for the morrow? Writing gets you in a pickle sometimes; focusing all energy on a project causes you to exclude the world around you. I am transported into another realm, one in which my imagination creates; a realm where all my ideas seem to make sense.

However, not being able to focus on my writing tasks causes me to disconnect with my world even more; I worry whether I will ever finish a piece, whether it is all worth the effort. I walk myself through all the motivational artillery I possess and most of the time I can get my inner demons of self-doubt, sometimes just plain laziness, out into the light, evaporated or maybe only invisible, waiting to reappear, but at least I have won against them for now.

Then there are the times that nothing does the trick, and I step away from the tasks for a while, give myself room to breathe, stop pushing and allow the fruition to manifest until it is ready to be brought forth, on its own, without my need to push something into existence, force it to become.

Those are the times I need a little distraction; currently, that is Euro 2012, the great game of football (soccer), and the lovely men who make it not only a game of talent and great fluid foot work, but also I feast for my eyes.  A girl has to have a distraction, alas a few handsome lads in uniform or out of it, for that matter, always get my creativity back on the path of cultivation.

That’s how I feel! (Robert Lewandowski)

We all have to win sometimes, right?! (Croatia)

Happiness is Energy. (Czech Republic)

 He is just that good, high five. (Cristiano Ronaldo)

Well… Not much to say or too much! (Fernando Torres)

I needed a little bit more, didn’t you? (Fernando Torres)

Yup, that’s the name of the game; which team jumps higher. (Germany)

That’s how we do it!! (Poland)

Moving on to the quarterfinals is something to celebrate! (Greece)

They tried their hardest. (Ireland) A little more Lewandowski, who can resist? (Robert Lewandowski)

That’s how you get your hair off your face 😉 ( Sergio Ramos)

Oh those Spanish boys, each uniquely good looking. (Spain)

The celebration was there for a little bit. (Poland)

We would love Pique to wave to us, right girls? (Spain)

We all want to know what he’s thinking. (Steven Gerrard)

Air Hugs! (Sweden)

 A little sprinkle of fabulous chest hair. (Xabi Alonso)

This is what Soccer (football) is all about!!!!

Cristiano Ronaldo and  Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Portugal and Sweden)


One Response to “No Motivation to Write: No Problem, Eye Spy the Soccer (football) Lads of Euro 2012”

  1. Baroon July 21, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    pictures are very good
    thank u
    i love cris

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