The Baffled Writer.

11 Jun

writing lists

I am always baffled by the reasoning of some writers to subscribe to some kind of formula for what sells.  Recently, in a creative writing class, I came upon future or aspiring writers, and I say this, for when asked what they write daily, most could only respond with the hope that when they figured out what to write about they would actually start writing.  That is a topic we will address on another day, but my thoughts on this will always remain faithful to the fact that being a writer does not mean being paid to write.

The fact is there is no guarantee that what you write will ever be read, let alone read enough to bring you an income, but does writing within a genre or about a topic that is “in at the moment” warrant success, I don’t believe so.  Yes, there are those that jump on the bandwagon of writing what’s selling at any given moment, but seriously how many of the vampire books published were really necessary and how many of those written were literary classics, or for that matter, even worth a 10-minute peek.

I say when looking for a topic to write about, use what you know, your own experiences or use what you long for, these are the things that inspire your words.  I try not to research the next fad, for then my writing does not come from the heart, then I will become one of those individuals who search for a story depending on what is selling.  I create stories from within, from the deepest part of my hopes and fears and from the simplest things on the surface.  There is no magic fairy dust sprinkled on my keyboard or on my notebooks full of words, it is just the sprinkle of the jumble in my head.

Creative writing is just that, being able to share whatever you may want with anyone or no one in particular.  I am always inspired by certain music; the lyrics share the emotions of the artists, emotions put into words that inspire some kind of reaction.  If you are searching for answers, look no further than what stirs your imagination, what topics move you to question the future, what daily concerns cause you to crawl into bed with a glass of wine and be introspective…these hold the answer to the question, what shall I write.

A little Music just for Fun.


Sorry about the accompanying video (a little geek moment-Highlander fan)



And for everyone’s enjoyment 😉 (Rocky Fan as well)



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