Major League Soccer, Time to Shine

12 Jun
La Liga Fans

La Liga Fans

The time has come for soccer to take its rightful place in the United States and its long- awaited return to triumph and popularity.  I wonder why it is that people continue to question the place of major league soccer, MLS.  The media may play a part in this influence, as financially speaking the big money rests in baseball, football (American) and basketball.  The sporadic location of soccer teams may be another, if a city has no team, then its citizens are not as apt to promote a sport.

The decline of soccer popularity in the United States has contributed to soccer fans turning their attention to the Premier league, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga.  Now is the time to bring the joy back to US soil, now is the time to let soccer shine in this neck of the woods.

New York has already announced a second MLS team, giving the Red Bulls a competitor, and now it seems, maybe Miami will soon join in the excitement.

David Beckham is said to be considering club ownership in Miami.  The international friendly fixtures seem to draw a crowd and create frenzy among the local fans and then there is the upcoming International Champions Cup.  The idea of major league soccer in a town heavily populated with South Americans may prove interesting, at the very least lucrative, that is, if the introduction of a new team is managed properly.  The high profile name of Beckham may be the seal on the deal.

We will soon find out if another MLS team is born, in the meantime we can enjoy the game in limited release as well as in World Cup Qualifying matches, for it seems like the US Men’s Soccer Team has no intention of giving up its bid for World Cup 2014.

Now for those of you who still question the brilliance of soccer. Let me just recap my views on this fantastic sport, just in case you missed it before.

The game of soccer is magnificent to watch.  It is a game of skill and art.  The combination of immaculate fit, masculine, close to perfection bodies, as well as the skill to maneuver a leather, 28 inch, 16 oz ball across a grass field while 9 other set of legs quickly and assertively manipulate that same ball to their advantage is a sight to see.

That last minute crossing pass that seems to slow down time as it soars from the sidelines, down the middle to the perfect chip shot that floats over the goalkeeper’s head and just makes it swiftly under the crossbar to score the winning goal.

Since many of us, soccer fans, will say anything so that this sport is given a higher profile in the US, may I add for some of you ladies that are still on the brink of hesitation on whether to watch this wonderful game…

The game of soccer is an artistic endeavor and a sexy game as well.  When that tone, fit to perfection player immaculately and skillfully maneuvers a chest trap, you have to sigh at the tone chest rippling underneath the snug jersey, while the hamstring and quadriceps muscles peak from underneath those fantastic billowing shorts.

Of course, there are those of us who enjoy the game for its athletic and skillful intensity, but a little bonus fun never hurts.  Besides I believe that promoting a sport should be done in any way possible, just ask the folks in Europe; they know how to use this marketing strategy and do it very well.


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