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To Leave, or Not to Leave, that is the Question

25 Oct

I went out of town a few weeks ago and left the pups with my parents.  I had to struggle to get out of the door; the pups have a little habit of grabbing the bottom of my pants as I exit; their specialty is putting up a great show in regard to their sadness over my departure.

I feel very lucky that my parents like my dogs and are always up for watching them when I am out of town, fortunately I have never had to board the little guys, either they stay with my parents, or they go with me (on vacations only, no business trips allowed).

For those of you who are not that lucky (one of my best friends had to recently board her brand-new puppy, I applaud her for being so calm about the process; I would probably have burst into tears), boarding your pets comes with its own set of problems, especially if you have pets like mine, and they have any kind of irritable bowl syndrome or are just plain finicky little beasts.

Remember the key to your successful trip and your pets successful ‘waiting it out game’ is always a solid plan, one that will make your pet feel secure and healthy while you are away.

If possible, leave your pet with a family member or a close friend, or possibly, if the pet is used to being alone for longer periods of time is to leave them at home and have a  trusty individual feed your pet and visit them a few times a day.

Another option is a pet sitter; this may be the least stressful for your pet, there are services that match you and your pet to a reliable house and pet sitter.

For those of you that have no other option other than boarding, there a few things to remember; always bring your pups own food, never pay extra just to have the boarding facility throw in their choice of food (even if it is more convenient), your little one will thank you.  Try to bring your pets bed, favorite toys, even feeding dishes, as the familiar smells will comfort them, especially in the evenings.  Another small, but rather important thing to remember is to give your pet something with your smell on it, an article of clothing you may not miss too much or maybe even a slipper.

The boarding facility should always be able to explain to you in detail what your pet will be doing all day and allow you to tour the facility at a moment’s notice.  The best way to choose a boarding facility is by word of mouth.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are not an emotional wreck when dropping off your pet; they will feel your tension and suspect something is wrong.

(Of course, that is easier said than done, I am a bigger mess when leaving my pets, than they are.) 🙂


Politics, Destiny or Writer’s block?

23 Oct

I have been in a slight writers rut lately; some excuses seem to be the ever persistent; not having enough time.  However, lately a most annoying hindrance has found its way into my life; that of election year.  You would like to know how this little matter can possibly get in the way of my writing ideas, habits and all around lifestyle.  Well, for some reason, or another, I find myself surrounded by family members and friends who seem to have excessive opinions, a hunger for debate and an all-around penchant for disturbing my writers chi.

I understand the importance of elections; I take part in them, am very well-informed and very set in my political outlook.  I do not understand the turmoil that has settled upon my mind.  The thinking process necessary to form coherent sentences has taken a siesta, and in its place a plethora of jumble-jumble thoughts have taken root.  I find myself questioning people in politics (of course I have always done this, but now it is tenfold), the idea of resting my future in the hands of individuals who just happened to fall into office is a little mind-boggling.  I have a friend that is working on his PhD in political science, mind you; he has been working on it for almost ten years, but his ideas and thoughts about the governing world are out of this world :), but alas, he will never become a senator or governor, let alone president.  Why, do you ask, because it does not seem to be in his destiny (in his pocket book either).

We may possess all the brilliance in the world, have the most creative ideas and be full of life and possibility and yet, destiny never peers down on us, sending rays of ‘there they are’ in our direction.

Thoughts like these find their way into my mind, and all else fails for a while, the blinking light must be quenched and the engine restarted, hopefully come November 6th all will be right with the world, my creative writing world, of course.

In the meantime, UEFA Championship League matches (Hala Madrid) are once again upon us,

Chasing Mavericks is out in theaters this weekend (a little surfing madness to calm the nerves),

Not to mention that Skyfall is nearly here, James Bond is the perfect fix for my unsettled brain.

Oh and for all my fellow writers National novel writing month is just over a week away, to get us all back on track.  Catherine, Caffeinated has a great little article about the madness of writing in November.

The pups, of course, do not seem to feel my pain.  Their mind is right where it should be, on the topic of sleep.

The Pups and the Beach = Love

1 Aug

The pups have been anxious since they got home from vacation, they would rather tag along then be left behind, alas sometimes they are not always so lucky.  Travel leaves them a little moody when they get home, or I get home (after leaving them behind, I am reminded).

The little rascals seem to always know when I am having fun without them, and funny enough, when I have to go on a trip, and it is not by a huge body of water, they seem to care a little less (kid you not).  I am in the process of making their greatest dream come true, once again, living by the ocean; fingers crossed it will not take longer than planned.  In the meantime, they will have to make do with the memories.

Lola’s favorite resting spot.

There are some great ways to make your dog settle down after a long trip.  When traveling, I always give my pups purified water, this keeps them from exhibiting any bathroom issues due to changes in the tap water.  It is also a great way to get them back to normal when they get home.  The first week home, I slowly, over the first 3 days, incorporate the tap water to the purified water, thus allowing them to acclimate back to their regular drinking beverage of choice.

It is also always a wise idea to never change their food when traveling, if you are not sure whether your vacation spot will carry the food your pup eats, always, always bring it with you.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to never change their diet when traveling.  Yes, even if you make their food, my pups are on a homemade diet (more to come on that soon), and I make sure to bring the necessary supplies or check ahead to make sure there is a store close by that will have the ingredients I need.

My sister and I enjoying the view with the Pups.

The first few days at home are about trying to get the pups back to regular walking, sleeping and eating schedules.  Whilst on vacation they always seem to receive a little more goodies that seem to slip under the table, but at home I try to make sure they understand that there are no extra little treats or I would never be able to go to work or get anything done.  I try not to invite anyone to the house for the first week or so, that way their excitement is kept at bay.  As long as you get them back to the regularly scheduled program as soon as possible, your pup should be back to normal (or as close as he or she was before the trip) within a week.

Misiu refusing to let me pack the bags so we can get back home.

Misiu refused to budge.

I only get kisses like this when I take them to the beach.

Spring Fling into 100+ Novels

21 Mar

Spring ushers in a time for renewal, a time for change and new beginnings.  I wonder if it is possible to start from scratch, is that ever feasible?  It is a new year and now spring brings a rebirth of nature; maybe just maybe I can start anew, no looking back only a day-to-day focus on life in the present.

For starters, I will make sure to work on one of my countless writing projects every day, even if it’s just research or jotting down 250 words.  I will also start on the 100+ books that I want to read.

The first novel will be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Yes, I have read it countless times, but not for some time now.  The novel will help me jump-start my project, if only that it will make life less daunting.  I will then try to watch all or any films that are associated with the novels.  A hard job having to watch numerous Pride and Prejudice films, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Please let me know if I have missed any.

Springing Forward

The pups decided that they wanted to join in on Spring fever and welcome in the new season with haircuts and baths.  Misiu and Lola definitely needed a haircut and now are spick and span, and ready to take on the world.

Shaggy Misiu

Lola the fluff ball

Unending Devotion, Rescue Dogs are the Best

11 Mar

We are so well fed

The pups have been waiting patiently for me to start their story.  The pups, Misiu and Lola are my little joys.  I have always loved animals and have had the opportunity to have a variety find their way into my heart and some into my home; from dogs, cats, bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, birds, horses, fish (yes I know they are not categorized as animals), and a few odd endearments such as emus, cows and the occasional lovely sheep or goat.  However, maybe for their unending devotion dogs have been a part of my life since I was 9 years old.  Although one day when I have the funds, I would love to have a small horse farm, my other great love.

Misiu and Lola are both rescue dogs.  Misiu (the name means little bear in Poland), was rescued from south central animal shelter in Los Angeles.  I found his picture online on  The website shows animals that are available for adoption all over the United States.  I saw Misiu’s little face and it was love at first glance; he was described as a 10 month old spitz mix.  I headed to the shelter the very next day, but almost lost my little pup in the shuffle, as he had been injured and restricted to a quarantine area (I applaud the photographers who manage to snag the pictures of all the animals waiting for adoption, not only the healthy and pretty ones).

Lola was a completely different story; adopted three years after Misiu.  I was looking for someone to keep him company when I was away from home, Misiu has separation issues.  Lola was rescued from a puppy mill breeder in Riverside, California.  The poor girl was only 4 months old when I got her, but she had been kept in a bathroom with other puppies, no lights, no exposure to the outdoors so that her weight would not increase, and thus she would be worth more on the teacup market (happy to say she is a healthy 16 pounds today).

They are both German Spitz.  The Miniature or Small German Spitz often gets confused with the Pomeranian breed; both are in the Spitz family. German Spitz is one of the oldest breeds of dog in Central Europe. They are descendants of the ancient Spitzes found in the Stone Age. The German Spitz was eventually brought to America, where the name changed to American Eskimo dog.  Today the American Eskimo is a separate breed, but is closely related to the German Spitz.

We are the best gaurd dogs, We earn our keep!

My pups have unfortunately had a series of health concerns over the years, health concerns that have cost countless hours at the veterinarian, with negative results.  I spent five years watching little Misiu battle stomach upsets, diarrhea and frequent mood changes, while Lola’s health declined for two years (prompting her vet to suggest euthanization) before I rolled up my gloves and spent three months researching the underlying cause for their health problems.

Your dog’s health problems may as simple as a diet change, and as complex as a diet change (not an easy endeavor), but maybe we can come to a conclusion together.  I will share with you my pup’s, Misiu and Lola, story.  I hope that, you, my readers will want to share your pup’s stories with me as well.  I welcome you to do so, and some of you will be fascinated to discover that your pet’s health is directly linked to your health as well.  So not only may we discover the underlying health issues of your pet, but we could help discover yours as well, which, by the way, can most of the time be fixed with diet changes, physical activity and stress reduction.


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