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Happy Anniversary William and Kate: What a Great Love Story!

29 Apr

As you may have noticed, I am a sucker for a good love story.  William and Kate have always fascinated me, although I am not British, I have always pulled for the love match.  When the engagement was announced it was like a dream come true for a country teetering on economic downfall, and a royal family on the decline.

I was up at 4:00 am April 29, 2011.  I made a great big English breakfast,

a large teapot, (for hours of endless spots of tea),

 I woke my poor sister, grabbed the pups and waited for the first glimpse of Catherine and her dress.

The ceremony was beautiful; very regal and emotional.  Yes, I cried; the music and ambiance were very affective.  A glorious church wedding, or a wedding in any house of worship always seems to increase the symbolism of the moment making it even more meaningful, at least it does for me.

My mom eventually joined my sister and I, and the three of us spent the morning glued to the television set, watching every historical moment unfold before our eyes; the couple leaving the church, riding through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage, and later on the balcony waving to the billions of people watching them on the tube.  The kisses, which sealed the deal for the thousands of Brits gathered at the Palace just to glimpse a tiny bit of romance and history, will be remembered for years to come.

Prince Harry made his mark that day, as well, smiling with his brother, looking very respectable and demure as he awaited his big brother’s moment.  He was the epitome of cuteness as he made his way to Buckingham Palace in a carriage full of flower girls and pageboys, and then the ever-present jokester as he entertained Pippa on the balcony.

The year has brought many new experiences for Catherine Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge; she has made numerous appearances with William.  Kate has amazed the world with her fun, stylish and savvy fashion sense and blossomed into a confidant individual.  William and Kate have made several appearances together in their first year of marriage, from Canada to Hollywood and a plethora of places in between; they have captivated the public with their warmth, elegance and above all, the love that shows in every moment they are in each other’s company and in every stolen glance.

I raise my fluke of champagne to the royal couple, to William and Catherine’s first year of marriage and to the endless years to come; may they be filled with happiness, warmth and above all the twinkle of never-ending love.

Oh, how I have always loved a romantic fairy tale.  I believe in love and happily ever after, and to the horror of some women, I do not believe for one moment it hurts us in any way to believe in fairy tales.

Generations of girls should believe that there can be a happy ending, and they should never settle for less.


Euro 2012: Poland’s People Welcome You

19 Apr

The Euro 2012 host countries, Poland and Ukraine, are still hard at work perfecting structures, transportation and strategic planning.  However, the people of Poland are waiting with open arms; their hearts open to welcome fans and tourists from all around the globe.

If you are venturing into Poland, you will be enchanted by delightful people, a beautiful land rich in history and tradition, mouth watering, eclectic, and savory food and, most importantly, an ever-present smile.

Poland’s history is steeped in struggle; resilience of its people is visible throughout the country and felt within the atmosphere.  Don’t forget to stop, take a moment to breathe and enjoy all that the country and its people have to offer.

Wawel Castle in Kraków, Poland (Zamek Krolewski na Wawelu)

 The Masurian Lake District or Masurian Lakeland  is a lake district in northeastern Poland containing more than 2,000 lakes.


The European bison (the wisent, and zubr (zshoobr)

The bison are a national symbol of Poland; they roam Europe’s last primeval forest, the 8,000-year-old Bialowieza.

Polish Seaside Resorts



Tatra Mountains

 The Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz)

 Can’t forget our football (soccer) team

Post Oscar Hoopla

28 Feb

The 84th Academy Awards have come and gone.  Some of the winners were expected; others were a wonderful surprise.  Red carpet moments have been made and cemented into entertainment history.   I watched three hours of red carpet coverage, on three different channels, applauded and grimaced at some of the fashion choices,  and when I thought, I could not stand another man in an identical tuxedo; I was finally awarded the pleasure of watching a glamorous awards show, at least as compared to the disastrous previous year.

I have read the criticism, and I fully understand that Billy Crystal no longer has to worry about encountering his mid-life crises; he has been there, done that.  The countless blog, twitter and Facebook comments that proceeded to complain about the average age of the presenters, and the attendees made perturbed me just a little.  I have to say that when you hear the word hip, cool, and youthful over and over again, you begin to think that all the social commentators must be under the age of 25.  I say well done to Mr. Crystal, the ratings speak for themselves.  If you want hip and youthful watch the MTV music awards, thank goodness not everyone is like Justin Bieber.

The awards were entertaining.  I am still applauding the best actress win for Meryl Streep and significantly thinking, maybe I should look into these French men.  I had a grand time watching all the festivities, but as I look back at the evening, I realize it is not the outfits or the awards that made an impression it was the genuine show of love and affection that got my attention.

We go through life with high ambitions, hoping to create careers that are meaningful to us and maybe to others around us.  We save for the nice car, the nice house, the wonderful wardrobe and hopefully along the way we are loved and love someone in return.  It seems like such an insignificant gesture, one that sometimes goes unnoticed, overlooked and genially pushed aside.  I am not speaking of the fairy tale love story, but the real love we see every day.

The red carpet was full of stars who brought their parents or grandparents as their dates or just as a shoulder to lean on.  Jonah Hill brought his mom, who better to give the media dirty looks for calling her boy fat.  Brad Pitt escorted his parents down the red carpet, making them feel as if they were the stars, no matter the twitter twatter about the leg, Jolie only had eyes for her lover; gushing about his great manners.

The couples were out in full force.  Relationships we hope will last forever and others we know have a shelf life, here’s looking at you kid; Mr. George Clooney.  Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith looked very much in love while hitting the red carpet.  Jean Dujardin and his wife Alexandra Lamy nothing could really be better than the constant adoration they bestow on each other.  Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech may have been the best of the night; his heartfelt thanks and praise of his wife actually made me tear up.  Meryl Streep brilliantly thanked her husband at the beginning of her speech.  She very graciously acknowledged he had given her everything that she most valued in the world.

Moments such as these make me realize that it doesn’t matter if you win awards or get to wear fabulous clothes while others stare at you in wonder, without someone to love, it just seems fruitless.  The love of a parent, child, sibling, friend or significant other is something that can never be replaced by fame and fortune.  I think of it as a wonderful gift that anyone, no matter their station in life, can attain.  The gift of love is available for most of us, if we slow down, look around and enjoy the moment.  We cannot all be like the rich and famous individuals we saw on Sunday at the Academy Awards, but maybe, just maybe they can be like us and be able to marvel in the one thing that, hopefully, all of us can experience one day, love.


Is Johah Hill the New Marisa Tomei and Meryl Streep Better Win 84th Academy Awards

21 Feb

The hype of the 84th Academy Award nominations have come and gone.  Some of the names were expected; some were a surprise, and some, well, left us asking, who exactly is on the Academy board?

The Jonah Hill nomination, and oh goodness possible win, reminds me of when Marisa Tomei was nominated for Best supporting actress for My Cousin Vinny in 1992 and then, lo and behold, won.  I will not say that either of the actors do not deserve recognition, they both did a swell job showing us that even dumb women know cars, and even really smart, geeky guys know baseball, well maybe.  We will just have to wait and see if this is Jonah Hill’s year, at least he looks good.

Please, oh please, do not even get me started on the Melissa McCarthy nomination.  The movie Bridesmaids, in my opinion, was horrible, a pathetic wish to be just like the boys.  How is it possible to me nominated for pooping in a sink?  I mean, just the very thought of this nomination makes me ill and unfortunately makes me lament the good old days of Golden Hollywood, when things were classy.  Just, another reason to love Midnight in Paris.

A shout-out to MTirado, thanks for being such a great post follower and asking the questions we all want to know.

Now what I really think would be awesome is Brad Pitt taking home the Best Actor for Moneyball.  What could be better than Mr. Kalifornia taking home the prestigious award?  Well at least it would give the folks at E! something to gush about.  I am already loathing the ‘Ryan Seacrest, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt interview’ on the red carpet (awkward anyone? It actually makes me cringe!)

Okay now for the Best Actress nominations.

I do love Michele Williams, and My Week with Marilyn was a great flick.  The film, truthfully, made me fall in love with Eddie Redmayne all over again; he was fantastic in Pillars of the Earth.  Therefore, it makes me wonder how much of an Oscar-winning performance Williams actually brought to the table if my main attraction was Redmayne.

All right I cannot lie; it is hard for me to focus on the other nominees (who are they??) because of my infatuation with Meryl Streep.  The woman is unstoppable.  Streep is sexy, deliciously seductive, mesmerizing and wonderfully charismatic.   Yes, I said sexy, in that ‘comfortable in your own skin-strong woman in command kind of way.’  I admit the fact that Meryl Streep learned Polish for her role in Sophia’s Choice started the obsession, but her wonderful, subsequent roles have kept me coming back for more, year after year.

Meryl Streep has been nominated 17 times and only 2 wins. 



The time has come for another win.  May it be the year of Meryl Streep.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed, if only for the fact that her acceptance speeches are always so animated.

Academy Awards 2012 Week

20 Feb

Movies give us an escape from the daily grind of life.  Movies allow us to dream big and imagine possibilities beyond our grasp.  Movies allow us to hope and sometimes open our hearts to endless possibilities and motivate us to become the individuals whom we have always hoped to become.

We have, once again, found ourselves just one week away from the Academy Awards, the 2012 Academy Awards to be exact.  Another year of wonderful and not so wonderful movies that have left us asking for more, begging for the horror to stop, finding emotions within ourselves which we thought were lost forever and laughing until we thought we would split in two.  Yes, I must say some of the movies of 2011 were beyond terrible, Season of the Witch, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn-part 1, and so many other  films that I would like not to mention.

The year did bring a plethora of good, great and inspiring films as well.  I enjoyed Limitless, not just because Bradley Cooper is lovely to look at (okay that as well), but because it made me actually think throughout the whole film.  I have to say that watching Midnight in Paris left me a little breathless, mostly because I wanted to jump on a plane, fly to Paris, and maybe, just maybe, rendezvous with some of the world’s finest  authors while dancing to some of the world’s finest music all while sipping champagne of course!  The film Contagion scared me whittless.  I actually found myself moving away from people that had even the slightest sign of sniffles.  There were certain Movies such as, Footloose, which should never have been made or remade, for that matter.  How can you even try to replace the original super-duper, awesome 1980’s flick with a movie starring a dancing with the star’s girl?

I was impressed with most of the films nominated for the 2012 Academy Awards.  The Artist was a breath of fresh air; Moneyball was the first time I actually enjoyed anything that had to do with baseball (I know, do not hate me; I am not a fan of the game).  Midnight in Paris I have already praised.  The countless other films (I say this without a bit of sarcasm, give me a break, let’s get back to the 5 film nominee platform), all had their own positive vibes.  War Horse left my eyes bloodshot and swollen for a whole day.  I mean how much can a girl handle when it comes to animals in peril?

Oscar week is a big highlight for many people.  The parties will be numerous in Los Angeles, but do not worry you can enjoy the fun as well.

Join me this week to discuss the best actress and the best actor nominees, rave about the original screenplay nominees, get a little tour through the land of Hollywood, and enjoy planning your own Oscar celebration.

Misiu and Lola, the pups, are ready for all the Oscar buzz as well, they are after all Hollywood dogs or L.A. pups (they were both rescued in the city of Angels.)

Welcome to my world!

13 Feb

I am excited about sharing all kinds of fun things with my readers (hopefully there will be a lot of you in the future, the near future!)  I have a profound need to cherish the love that comes from so many different aspects in our everyday lives.  We have good days and bad days, in between the good and the bad are a bunch of things that can make us happy, make us smile, or just (in all honesty) get us through the day.

Now before you think I am getting carried away, no, this is not a self-help blog, nor a, ‘I can tell you how to change your life’ blog.  Merely, I am giving you a place to indulge in what makes you happy, what makes you fall in love with life.

For instance, it could be that obsession, a like or plain love for an actor, actress, musician, artist, etc….

Obsession or love (sometimes there is no difference- I am sure many beg to differ) for your pet

Love of a perfect meal (healthy, not too expensive, and explode in your mouth yummy),

Love of travel, anywhere, even if only in your daydreams

Love of a good book or a bad book for that matter (who ever said one could not love a piece of literature that another abhors)

Even the love of shopping (not very save the world, I know, but sometimes you just need it)

The love for family, a significant other or for humanity

I think that love is what propels us through the vastness of life.  However, not just the love for another person, but also the love that we can find for ourselves, for nature, for our pets, for other people’s triumphs (of course that takes some work).  I want to express the possibilities of finding love through knowing yourself and allowing yourself to age with happiness in your life.  Not what is expected of us, per society, but what makes us happy (gasp in horror if that offends you).

Things that make you love life are things that make you love yourself in the first place, finding comfort in what makes you a unique individual is what will get everyone of us through the day-to-day grinds of life.  It is not all fun times, not even close, however, by being able to accept what makes you happy, love will find a way to join your inner circle.

All these things drive us to become the well-rounded individuals whom we live with day to day.  We have to love ourselves if we ever plan on sharing or experiencing love from the outside.  The love can come from many different things, places and people and here at ‘Just a Girl and her Pups’ you can indulge in the distinctive aspect of only being yourself and enjoying the little joys that life can bring.

Oh and yes, I almost forgot, the things I love that drive my life (there are many, I will name a few, but you will have to follow ‘Just a Girl and her Pups’ to learn about them all)

My family (love them, sometimes can’t get enough, sometimes have too much)

My friends (love them, like them, sometimes annoyed by them-but couldn’t live without them)

My dogs (that includes all the issues that go along with owning a pet, the good, the bad and the ugly)

Movies, television, literature, actors, actresses, musicians, artists etc… (these I cannot name out right, the list is too long and versatile; that’s the reason you should keep coming back for more)

Food (the healthy kind, I have become a stickler for consuming healthy, pesticide free or organic, vitamin rich, disease preventing (fingers crossed), culturally rich, but above all creative and yummy food)

Travel (my heart would perish without the prospect of visiting interesting places-even if only in my dreams)

Writing and photography (passions that inspire me to reach for the stars and foster my creative side every day of the year)

Have fun, indulge, love a little or a lot and come back for more.

Tomorrow a Sexy and healthy meal you can enjoy alone, with friends or with a lover! (for it is the day of love)

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