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What Must I Write…

4 Jun

romantic tulips

How do I know what to write? An odd question at best, for the answer drifts somewhere in the realm of your imagination, so many times that question has been posed and allowed to grow with irritation.  How can there really be one way to respond, whether writing for fun, for work, for a future you have dreamt once upon a time, whether a student, a teacher, a curious bystander of thoughts unanswered.  The question is not what, but when and the answer is anything you want and now.

To those of you distraught with the notion of subject, genre or platform, I say step back, look at the full picture, and wait until the words appear by themselves.  Writers come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and some actually get paid for their work, while others may only fathom a day when the world allows them to spend the day thinking and jotting anything interesting that may arise.  Write what you like and believe that there is no recipe when it comes to success, the universe is full of surprises and our passions may escalate to wonders never imagined.

I write because it makes me settle the thoughts in my head.  I write what I want.  Some may say there is a formula for a writer; however, I argue that sometimes that thought process keeps us from progressing to the next step.  Take one day at a time, write whatever may come and somewhere in the jumble of words, you will figure out the place for you, figure out the words that are meant to be shared with others.  I enjoy so many different things in life.  I could not eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch for too long of a time, so why must I write about the same thing day in and day out.  Of course, there are those of us who can, and I say I am glad for that as well.

For those of us who worry that we are not following a formula written for writers by writers, fear not and remember these words….

Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret.

– Matthew Arnold


Love: Find it in a Book

16 Apr


A single friend recently forwarded me to a website that gives 15 tips to finding a boyfriend; professional matchmakers write the tips.  I have seen these tips before and actually (to my horror) picked up books stating the same silly reasoning’s behind finding a perfect true love or soul mate.  I hope that we can debunk these tips and move on in a positive light towards finding and making our love matches work.

There is no perfect formula for finding true love, there are ways in which we can find love around us, in our daily lives, love we were not even aware exists.  The love we find may transform us into better people, into individuals willing to open our eyes and see the bigger picture and then, and only then, may we become open to finding a soul mate.

Many theories float around the infamous universe that is the internet in regards to soul mates and true love.  Some of the websites are downright scary; if I have to think of love in another dimension I am just not buying it.  One thing is for sure, humans thrive when there is love in their lives.  Of course, the form of love may take on many different variations, however most individuals crave the relationship that comes from finding another person to share their lives with (even if the moment is brief), an individual that will fill the aching in our hearts.

In, Separated Soul Mates Reunited through a Writer, I wrote of the possibility that each person has another half, someone that will fulfill our deepest hopes and dreams and restore us to our natural bliss.  If the possibility is true then we have a search to embark upon.

Searching for love is a difficult battle, one in which we (the ones in relationships and the ones not) must stay open minded, close minded (only settle for what makes you truly happy), positive, reluctant to give up, and the big one, hopeful.

The search for love or the search to keep love in one’s life is not an easy task; many things must align correctly so that the relationship flourishes well into the future or is found in the first place.

Many of us turn to movies and literature so that we can find a glimpse of love, even if it then only transforms into our own dreams.  The form of love that one can find by using the imagination is a healthy way of forming our own needs and wants.  An author uses their own passions, mistakes, experiences and growth to share with their reader the profoundly rich experience of seeing love unfold within the pages of a novel or on a movie screen.  The reader shares in the triumphs of a lover if only for a moment, gaining the necessary hope for love.

A writer’s job never ends, but it takes my readers as well as me on so many journeys, I hope to never stop.

Now back to work.

Stay tuned for debunking the awful tips…

Separated Soul Mates Reunited through a Writer

10 Apr

In Aristophanes’ Speech from Plato’s Symposium, we are told of ancient times when humans lived in a state of bliss, but in punishment for want of power we were separated into two halves; forever mourning for a reunion with our beloved other half, our soul mate, our completion. Part of our mission in life, is to honor Eros, the Greek god of love, and search for our lost half, and thus we can be resorted to our natural state of bliss.
The Symposium is quite the read, but for anyone who wants to dabble in a little reasoning behind the madness to find true love, have a look. It is just one of the explanations for our search for a soul mate.

Writers have the privilege to create stories about the search, stories about true love; writers have been given the gift to share real stories of those that have found their path in life and found the other half that is willing to share the path with them.

If you desire a reason to write, the motivation is right under your nose. The ability to give people hope about love and hope of a future in which they can aspire to bigger and better things is in your writing. When you doubt your talent or question your career or hobby choice, remember writing does bring joy to others. No matter where the path of becoming a writer may take you, bear in mind that it will touch the lives of others, even if it is only those around you. Believe in your talents and know that your stories fulfill the dreams of others who do not have power over such a gift of imagination and yet crave its ability to transport them into another life, if only for a few hours a day.

Write so that all of us can have their true love, their soul mate, even if it is in the pages of a book.

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