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Flowers Brought Love for John Thornton; Now it’s My Turn.

8 May

I love flowers, and as I stated in, The Brilliance of May: A Little Succulent Fruit, my favorite month of the year is May.  Peonies bloom in May, and they are a great fuel for my imagination.  The fragrance of the Peony awakens my senses and takes me on a delightful journey into the unknown.

Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor; with their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.

By the way, who can resist a great man with a flower or a handful of them.

Richard Armitage (John Thornton)

Love and flowers bloom bringing an aura of a bright future.

For me?!?!

Richard Armitage

Bradley Cooper

Jake Gyllenhaal

Gerard Butler


3 Things That Make You a Better Person, and a Better Writer

7 May

Another Monday,


Most people need a pick me up half way into the week, but not I; I need a helping hand to get the week started.

How about a much-needed boost to the writer within, the one struggling to climb to the top, the one that wants so desperately to pop out, surprise, enthrall and entertain the masses.  What about the person within, struggling to make an impact on the world, not all of us can be writers, but all of us want to somehow matter.

Take a moment and reflect on who you are and the choices you make every day.  For those of us struggling to put thoughts into words and words into creative developments pick 3 things that make you a good writer. Not what someone else thinks of your writing, not what someone else values in your artistic endeavors, but what you believe to be the qualities that make you who you are, the qualities that will push you to create your own individual mark in this world.  Some of the values that you love about yourself may, in fact, drive those around you mad, but that’s why this little project is all about you.

The power to believe in our gifts, hopes and dreams is what propels us to move forward, establish and create.  Doubt is the leading cause of failure; however with proper motivation, stimulation and inspiration we have the power to forge ahead and change the worth that we assign to our own lives.

 3 Things that make me a better writer.

1.  I love to research down to the nitty-gritty.  When I write about a subject, I need all the details, all the historical significance, and all the facts.

(Of course, the downside to this is veering off course, projects being shelved for research and time spent on anything but writing)

However, the great thing about this trait is learning new things, enlightening the mind with wondrous information and discovering hidden passions.

2. I love well, love.  Yup, I am a sucker for romance novels, love stories (real or fiction), romantic comedies, and anything in between.  My passion for looking for the bright side, and finding the answers in love, is what fuels my writing.

(The downside is the refusal to believe that love is unattainable, abstaining from movies or books that refuse to give me a happy ending)

However, I am a better person because I see the good in people, the love in their eyes towards those that matter in their lives.  I refuse to give up on love, and hope to continue to search for it in my life, in novels, in movies, in the world, and in my writing.

3. I have a habit of writing everything down: the smallest random thing I hear, an event that I witness that inspires me, every wonderful word or sentence I want to remember from my daily reading, any thoughts that enter my head throughout the day (never imagined there would be so many, I need to practice staying on task)

(The downsides of this little habit are the countless notebooks, sketchbooks, and pads of paper lying around with my countless inspirations.)

The ability to search through these ramblings has given me never-ending writing perks, the ability to find a quote, memory or idea on a moment’s notice and the ability to search out the moments that may only have made an impression for a split second, however, will stay with me forever because I have them written down for eternity.

 Motivate your self-worth by coming up with 3 things that make you a good writer or just a good person, 3 things that make you happy to be you, no matter what profession or destination you have taken in life.

Happy Anniversary William and Kate: What a Great Love Story!

29 Apr

As you may have noticed, I am a sucker for a good love story.  William and Kate have always fascinated me, although I am not British, I have always pulled for the love match.  When the engagement was announced it was like a dream come true for a country teetering on economic downfall, and a royal family on the decline.

I was up at 4:00 am April 29, 2011.  I made a great big English breakfast,

a large teapot, (for hours of endless spots of tea),

 I woke my poor sister, grabbed the pups and waited for the first glimpse of Catherine and her dress.

The ceremony was beautiful; very regal and emotional.  Yes, I cried; the music and ambiance were very affective.  A glorious church wedding, or a wedding in any house of worship always seems to increase the symbolism of the moment making it even more meaningful, at least it does for me.

My mom eventually joined my sister and I, and the three of us spent the morning glued to the television set, watching every historical moment unfold before our eyes; the couple leaving the church, riding through the streets in a horse-drawn carriage, and later on the balcony waving to the billions of people watching them on the tube.  The kisses, which sealed the deal for the thousands of Brits gathered at the Palace just to glimpse a tiny bit of romance and history, will be remembered for years to come.

Prince Harry made his mark that day, as well, smiling with his brother, looking very respectable and demure as he awaited his big brother’s moment.  He was the epitome of cuteness as he made his way to Buckingham Palace in a carriage full of flower girls and pageboys, and then the ever-present jokester as he entertained Pippa on the balcony.

The year has brought many new experiences for Catherine Middleton, now Duchess of Cambridge; she has made numerous appearances with William.  Kate has amazed the world with her fun, stylish and savvy fashion sense and blossomed into a confidant individual.  William and Kate have made several appearances together in their first year of marriage, from Canada to Hollywood and a plethora of places in between; they have captivated the public with their warmth, elegance and above all, the love that shows in every moment they are in each other’s company and in every stolen glance.

I raise my fluke of champagne to the royal couple, to William and Catherine’s first year of marriage and to the endless years to come; may they be filled with happiness, warmth and above all the twinkle of never-ending love.

Oh, how I have always loved a romantic fairy tale.  I believe in love and happily ever after, and to the horror of some women, I do not believe for one moment it hurts us in any way to believe in fairy tales.

Generations of girls should believe that there can be a happy ending, and they should never settle for less.

Love: Find it in a Book

16 Apr


A single friend recently forwarded me to a website that gives 15 tips to finding a boyfriend; professional matchmakers write the tips.  I have seen these tips before and actually (to my horror) picked up books stating the same silly reasoning’s behind finding a perfect true love or soul mate.  I hope that we can debunk these tips and move on in a positive light towards finding and making our love matches work.

There is no perfect formula for finding true love, there are ways in which we can find love around us, in our daily lives, love we were not even aware exists.  The love we find may transform us into better people, into individuals willing to open our eyes and see the bigger picture and then, and only then, may we become open to finding a soul mate.

Many theories float around the infamous universe that is the internet in regards to soul mates and true love.  Some of the websites are downright scary; if I have to think of love in another dimension I am just not buying it.  One thing is for sure, humans thrive when there is love in their lives.  Of course, the form of love may take on many different variations, however most individuals crave the relationship that comes from finding another person to share their lives with (even if the moment is brief), an individual that will fill the aching in our hearts.

In, Separated Soul Mates Reunited through a Writer, I wrote of the possibility that each person has another half, someone that will fulfill our deepest hopes and dreams and restore us to our natural bliss.  If the possibility is true then we have a search to embark upon.

Searching for love is a difficult battle, one in which we (the ones in relationships and the ones not) must stay open minded, close minded (only settle for what makes you truly happy), positive, reluctant to give up, and the big one, hopeful.

The search for love or the search to keep love in one’s life is not an easy task; many things must align correctly so that the relationship flourishes well into the future or is found in the first place.

Many of us turn to movies and literature so that we can find a glimpse of love, even if it then only transforms into our own dreams.  The form of love that one can find by using the imagination is a healthy way of forming our own needs and wants.  An author uses their own passions, mistakes, experiences and growth to share with their reader the profoundly rich experience of seeing love unfold within the pages of a novel or on a movie screen.  The reader shares in the triumphs of a lover if only for a moment, gaining the necessary hope for love.

A writer’s job never ends, but it takes my readers as well as me on so many journeys, I hope to never stop.

Now back to work.

Stay tuned for debunking the awful tips…

Separated Soul Mates Reunited through a Writer

10 Apr

In Aristophanes’ Speech from Plato’s Symposium, we are told of ancient times when humans lived in a state of bliss, but in punishment for want of power we were separated into two halves; forever mourning for a reunion with our beloved other half, our soul mate, our completion. Part of our mission in life, is to honor Eros, the Greek god of love, and search for our lost half, and thus we can be resorted to our natural state of bliss.
The Symposium is quite the read, but for anyone who wants to dabble in a little reasoning behind the madness to find true love, have a look. It is just one of the explanations for our search for a soul mate.

Writers have the privilege to create stories about the search, stories about true love; writers have been given the gift to share real stories of those that have found their path in life and found the other half that is willing to share the path with them.

If you desire a reason to write, the motivation is right under your nose. The ability to give people hope about love and hope of a future in which they can aspire to bigger and better things is in your writing. When you doubt your talent or question your career or hobby choice, remember writing does bring joy to others. No matter where the path of becoming a writer may take you, bear in mind that it will touch the lives of others, even if it is only those around you. Believe in your talents and know that your stories fulfill the dreams of others who do not have power over such a gift of imagination and yet crave its ability to transport them into another life, if only for a few hours a day.

Write so that all of us can have their true love, their soul mate, even if it is in the pages of a book.

Post Oscar Hoopla

28 Feb

The 84th Academy Awards have come and gone.  Some of the winners were expected; others were a wonderful surprise.  Red carpet moments have been made and cemented into entertainment history.   I watched three hours of red carpet coverage, on three different channels, applauded and grimaced at some of the fashion choices,  and when I thought, I could not stand another man in an identical tuxedo; I was finally awarded the pleasure of watching a glamorous awards show, at least as compared to the disastrous previous year.

I have read the criticism, and I fully understand that Billy Crystal no longer has to worry about encountering his mid-life crises; he has been there, done that.  The countless blog, twitter and Facebook comments that proceeded to complain about the average age of the presenters, and the attendees made perturbed me just a little.  I have to say that when you hear the word hip, cool, and youthful over and over again, you begin to think that all the social commentators must be under the age of 25.  I say well done to Mr. Crystal, the ratings speak for themselves.  If you want hip and youthful watch the MTV music awards, thank goodness not everyone is like Justin Bieber.

The awards were entertaining.  I am still applauding the best actress win for Meryl Streep and significantly thinking, maybe I should look into these French men.  I had a grand time watching all the festivities, but as I look back at the evening, I realize it is not the outfits or the awards that made an impression it was the genuine show of love and affection that got my attention.

We go through life with high ambitions, hoping to create careers that are meaningful to us and maybe to others around us.  We save for the nice car, the nice house, the wonderful wardrobe and hopefully along the way we are loved and love someone in return.  It seems like such an insignificant gesture, one that sometimes goes unnoticed, overlooked and genially pushed aside.  I am not speaking of the fairy tale love story, but the real love we see every day.

The red carpet was full of stars who brought their parents or grandparents as their dates or just as a shoulder to lean on.  Jonah Hill brought his mom, who better to give the media dirty looks for calling her boy fat.  Brad Pitt escorted his parents down the red carpet, making them feel as if they were the stars, no matter the twitter twatter about the leg, Jolie only had eyes for her lover; gushing about his great manners.

The couples were out in full force.  Relationships we hope will last forever and others we know have a shelf life, here’s looking at you kid; Mr. George Clooney.  Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith looked very much in love while hitting the red carpet.  Jean Dujardin and his wife Alexandra Lamy nothing could really be better than the constant adoration they bestow on each other.  Christopher Plummer’s acceptance speech may have been the best of the night; his heartfelt thanks and praise of his wife actually made me tear up.  Meryl Streep brilliantly thanked her husband at the beginning of her speech.  She very graciously acknowledged he had given her everything that she most valued in the world.

Moments such as these make me realize that it doesn’t matter if you win awards or get to wear fabulous clothes while others stare at you in wonder, without someone to love, it just seems fruitless.  The love of a parent, child, sibling, friend or significant other is something that can never be replaced by fame and fortune.  I think of it as a wonderful gift that anyone, no matter their station in life, can attain.  The gift of love is available for most of us, if we slow down, look around and enjoy the moment.  We cannot all be like the rich and famous individuals we saw on Sunday at the Academy Awards, but maybe, just maybe they can be like us and be able to marvel in the one thing that, hopefully, all of us can experience one day, love.


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