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Fall Colors and Dreams Today

30 Oct

Fall is my favorite time of the year; it may have something to do with the beauty of the colors that surround us, the serenity before the cold, long winter nights, or just the prospect of change.  I have allowed Fall to usher in a break for all the stresses of the year, once winter sets in I like to shut off, and then I wait until the arrival of Spring, which reawakens ambitions and brings forth new opportunities, new agendas and the idea of something bigger and better on the horizon.  This year, however, I have taken a step backward and reassessed the nature of looking toward the future, towards Spring as the jumping board to a new prospective.

The future is ahead of us, and unless we take charge at the very moment we conceptualize an idea, a plan or a dream; the reality will never manifest itself. The future is actually in the present, this is something new I am trying to install in my thinking pattern.  Unless we start the process of pursuing whatever it is we want for ourselves at this very moment, it may never come to pass.

There is no time like the present, today, to readjust the path of our lives, rethink decisions, reawaken hopes and dreams from years past, or the ones buried deep in our hearts and bring them into the shadows of our present existence if they are ever to make their way into the light of tomorrow.

How many times have you looked to the past and realized that you had plotted your future in a different manner, and yet, here we stand in that future, now the present and nothing has become of our plans, our dreams, or they are in the process of manifestation and yet are not quite there yet.  We must have the strength and the reassurance that with hard work we can one day take a minute, look back, and realize that we have everything we wanted.

Of course, life brings with it trials and tribulations, unforeseen occurrences that throw us as far off our paths as we could ever imagine.  The  journey is part of our existence; we must learn to make it part of who we are, not run away from mistakes, grievances, or situations out of our control, but make them our own, make them part of who we will one day become.

I will take control of my life today, not wait for the coming spring, the start of something new; my new will start today.  One little step at a time may one day bring me the future, and in reality, it will be my present, but it will be the present I hoped for.

How many times have you wanted to do something different with your life, even if that means bringing a hobby into the realms of the universe that are visited by others.  How many times have you looked to the dreams of your past, the ones you made while in university or as a child and hoped to have the strength to make them your dreams once again.

If we as human beings stop dreaming, stop propelling our tasks into tomorrow, into something bigger and better for those around us, then we stop to exist.  We must try to stop being afraid of what will happen, what people will think if we try something new or admit to something old, and yet not forgotten.

Whether it is the urge to give back to the world and you do it only in the comfort of your own neighborhood (remember no one expects you to take a flight to a 3rd world country and make a difference, it starts closer to home).  Whether you have always wanted to get into immaculate shape, take those dance lessons, dreamt of doing a marathon; start small, you may not become an Olympian, be on the cover of shape magazine or be cast in the Nutcracker, but you will become healthier and happier.

Whether it is the hope of love that keeps you moving forward, remember you are not alone; there are plenty of us on the same trajectory, reaching for what may never come to pass, yet with every breath urging its reality.  Whether you have a hobby of writing, painting, photography or anything of this sort, always remember in the future, the present of tomorrow, the hobby may become more than that if only today you put the power from within to work and start one day at a time.

To make change for tomorrow, we cannot think about the future, only concentrate on today and in the present decide to alter what we must to become the person that we want.

And let us not forget that we can still enjoy Fall and all its wonders, especially all the baked goodies that this time of the year allows us to feast upon.


Earth Day 2012: Shower the Planet with Love

22 Apr

On this day remember to conserve energy, limit your trash, eat organic, be kind to animals, enjoy nature, and walk, walk, walk.

We should be kind to the Earth every day of the year and treat the inhabitants; humans and animals alike with kindness, love and reverence.  However, humans have averted from practicing ecological treatments that would produce more than enough fruit of labor to satisfy everyone.

On Earth Day try to change your views on nature, if you are an individual who is hard to alter, then at least open your mind and heart to the vast possibilities of humans giving back to the planet which has given them so much.

The connection with nature is the center of identity; a deeper understanding of stewardship, celebration, and spiritualism gives a sense of belonging, yet once this harmony is lost so is the sense of self.  Reaffirmation with the many metaphysical forms of spiritualism and the ever-changing cycle of our environment can establish identity.

The need for reestablishing a relationship with nature is the fundamental baseboard for restoring not only cultural but also personal identity.

Humankind is not separate from nature, everything plays an intricate role in life.  Contemporary society can unify and find purpose in the realization that being part of nature encompasses all living things.

The sort of destruction, which is happening to the Earth and its inhabitants, manifests from the fact that Western culture has ravaged the planet and drawn away from understanding the spiritual connection that all livings things share.

Nature will forgive and forget, but humans must come to understand that we are all the same; the celebration of life is for everyone to enjoy.

An investment into understanding and relating to nature and the environment is the only way one can understand their true place in it.  We must build upon our compassion, reconnection and acceptance of all living things and creatures, as well as the land and environment in which we thrive.

Through acceptance of cultural differences and wrongs of the past by reassessing our choices in the future, the earth will be able to thrive with human life and once again become one with its existence.

The choices, which we make through the understanding that all living creations share the same level of importance and that all living creations are vital for the survival of the human civilization, can help reestablish identity and a sense of belonging as one with the earth.


April Showers bring May Flowers

15 Apr

A little spring in your step, flowers are such a wonderful pick-me up. I often wonder how such beauty comes in so many different varieties; the colors and shapes are endless.  Flowers are a true gift of the possibilities of humans to recreate a brighter and better future; thier rebirth brings joy into our lives year after year. A plethora of motivation and imagination is brought forth when one experiences the beauty of nature, the beauty of flowers.


Writing: A Bloom of Possibility

14 Mar

Spring is upon us, rather a little sooner in most parts of the world than expected.  The trees and shrubs have started an early bloom, embracing the warmth and unfolding their beauty to the prying eyes of the human race.

Writing is a steadfast endeavor, if you continue to march ahead a little at a time, then results will be inevitable.  Like a shrub that has started to bloom, unraveling its tiny petals, grasping for energy from the warmth of a new season, so must our habitual writing practices.

Writing is like a newly flowered shrub in the midst of a forest yet to awaken to the possibility of new life.  Sometimes one bright and lovely, interesting and persuasive idea can coax the imagination and reawaken our creativity.  One burst of an ‘aha’ moment and we can uncover a plethora of fantastic prose that magically stemmed from just one petal.

The weather and the beauty of this season is a great reason to be inspired and believe in ones writing talents.  No, not all of us are meant to be the next big thing, the next J. K. Rowling, but we can all strive to create a little magic, the magic of writing.

Remember that anything in life can inspire a moment of creativity, use it to your advantage and never miss a moment of reflection.  Write to create, to awaken your heart to the possibility of something special yet to be discovered.


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