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Separated Soul Mates Reunited through a Writer

10 Apr

In Aristophanes’ Speech from Plato’s Symposium, we are told of ancient times when humans lived in a state of bliss, but in punishment for want of power we were separated into two halves; forever mourning for a reunion with our beloved other half, our soul mate, our completion. Part of our mission in life, is to honor Eros, the Greek god of love, and search for our lost half, and thus we can be resorted to our natural state of bliss.
The Symposium is quite the read, but for anyone who wants to dabble in a little reasoning behind the madness to find true love, have a look. It is just one of the explanations for our search for a soul mate.

Writers have the privilege to create stories about the search, stories about true love; writers have been given the gift to share real stories of those that have found their path in life and found the other half that is willing to share the path with them.

If you desire a reason to write, the motivation is right under your nose. The ability to give people hope about love and hope of a future in which they can aspire to bigger and better things is in your writing. When you doubt your talent or question your career or hobby choice, remember writing does bring joy to others. No matter where the path of becoming a writer may take you, bear in mind that it will touch the lives of others, even if it is only those around you. Believe in your talents and know that your stories fulfill the dreams of others who do not have power over such a gift of imagination and yet crave its ability to transport them into another life, if only for a few hours a day.

Write so that all of us can have their true love, their soul mate, even if it is in the pages of a book.

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