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Leap Year Writing Manifesto and the Influence of Richard Armitage

29 Feb

Time has once again snuck up on us, how can four years have gone by so fast? The calendar would not work properly without the adjustment of an additional day every four years.  What can we say about our own internal calendars working according to a schedule that we implement as far back as our childhood?  The babies who take their first steps early, the ones who decide to speak before they are expected, the ones who want so badly to join their siblings at the table, thus sparking an appetite for French fries, are they all going to be better or worse off based on their endeavors?

I sit, wonder, and look back at the last four years.  Is it true that our paths are laid out before us or do we adjust our future according to what prevails to take root in our daily lives?  Can the fork in the road really be an option for the human race, can the road less traveled, the path not chosen, change what was set out for us, or are we just inevitably trudging along while fate or destiny drags us toward the inescapable?

The truth in these questions may actually be more frightening then the questions themselves.  I choose to think it does not matter whether we are the masters of our destinies or whether we have always been propelled on a path without choice.  The reality of the questions of our life path comes down to the facts; we must still prevail to wake up day after day and make the best of what we have been given, regardless of whether we have choices or not, we must believe we can create our own destiny and be awarded with fate’s wonderful surprises along the way.

As I looked back at the last four years, I noticed my new obsession with the BBC.  It angers me that the cable company does not seem to think that these channels should be part of the regular broadcast lineup, making someone like me, someone living in the United States, shell out additional monthly payments just to see the wonders of the network bestow its presence on my television set.

I have in the meantime discovered the marvels of Netflix, which has quite graciously allowed me to catch up on seasons of great BBC shows that I have missed.  Thus, my obsession led me to become enthralled in certain shows, such as MI-5, Robin Hood, The Graham Norton Show, and Sherlock, amongst others.  As I discovered these new shows and tried to catch up on past seasons, I also realized that I had missed watching a plethora of talented actors unknown in the States.

My biggest discovery seems to be the acting talents of Mr. Richard Armitage.

Of course, he has in the last several years made his way over to our shores as well.  He is now filming and will be staring in the most anticipated movie of the last few years, The Hobbit; his portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield has become something of a buzz on the internet.  As any decent film and TV buff, I waded deep into the waters of Armitage’s IMDb filmography and discovered countless hours of pleasant entertainment.  The swav demeanor, not to mention the smoothness of voice, drew me to his work like a moth to cashmere.  I delved even deeper into discovering his other talents and to my pleasure; I discovered numerous websites devoted to this English actor.

I was not at all surprised, that Mr. Armitage has such numerous fans.  I do think though that there must be a love/hate relationship with most actors and the abundant websites praising their very existence, but we can talk about that some other time.

Realizing that these sites are alive with fans waiting for anything that may pop up on the radar about their beloved muse, I set out on my project.  As you may have read in my previous post Becoming a Writer, I came up with a fun idea to push my writing procrastination once and for all into the depths of the nearest trash bin.  My plans came from scoping these great sites dedicated to Richard Armitage:






The plan also manifested from watching the show MI-5.  The character of Lucas North, played by Richard Armitage, gets a most unexpected and uncalled for demise at the end of the season 9.  I have to say that I was not the least bit encouraged by the writers, almost staying away from the final season lest they killed off my favorite character of Harry Pierce, played by the talented Peter Firth.

Alas I finished the series and was left a little uneasy about the future of Lucas North, being a conspiracy theorist at heart; I began to wonder whether North actually perished, as we never did get to see his face after he plummeted off a building to his death, just a quick image of arm tattoos.  Could Harry Pierce really stand by and watch his close friend, the man he felt responsible for, the man he struggled for eight years to free from a Russian prison collapse into destruction?  I do not believe so, the past is foggy but the future could be brought back into the light.

To all the Lucas North, Harry Pierce, MI-5, and Richard Armitage fans, I would like to suggest another chapter in this story.  A chapter that has captivated my imagination and prompted me to begin a thrilling, romantic, and intriguing fan fiction book based on the assumption that there is a question wanting to be answered, ‘What If Lucas North did not die, and Harry Pierce rescues him only to use him in his own governmental ploys’………..

So let the fun begin.

For any of my readers who have not yet seen the show MI-5 I suggest you get your hands on all the seasons as soon as possible; it really is a fantastically written and entertaining show.  For my readers who know exactly how I feel about the untimely demise of Lucas North, I am excited you will join me on the journey of writing.  The journey led me to find a reason to finish a project, getting it done from start to finish, so that I may believe that this is the only thing actually holding me back.

Maybe we can master our own destiny, but obviously, fate does have a little way of slipping in and offering suggestions for which path is the more likely one to be chosen.

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