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The Path Towards Tomorrow

10 Jun


Sometimes it takes just a flicker of something that catches the corner of your eye to allow the imagination to take root and the fruition of something exciting to emerge.

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island

Enjoy the day, enjoy the moments, for in the shortest of seconds you may be inspired by the color of a flower, the laughter of a child, or even the scamper of a squirrel.

mackinac island, black squirrel

Close your eyes let the wind caress your senses and let the possibility of creation work its magic on your yet undiscovered words.  Like the kite that strives against the wind, let its strength empower you to keep moving forward and pushing into the unknown.

Michigan mackinac island

For there is sometimes fear for the path ahead, but without the choice of pursuit, there will be no answer, there will be no success.



The Pups and the Beach = Love

1 Aug

The pups have been anxious since they got home from vacation, they would rather tag along then be left behind, alas sometimes they are not always so lucky.  Travel leaves them a little moody when they get home, or I get home (after leaving them behind, I am reminded).

The little rascals seem to always know when I am having fun without them, and funny enough, when I have to go on a trip, and it is not by a huge body of water, they seem to care a little less (kid you not).  I am in the process of making their greatest dream come true, once again, living by the ocean; fingers crossed it will not take longer than planned.  In the meantime, they will have to make do with the memories.

Lola’s favorite resting spot.

There are some great ways to make your dog settle down after a long trip.  When traveling, I always give my pups purified water, this keeps them from exhibiting any bathroom issues due to changes in the tap water.  It is also a great way to get them back to normal when they get home.  The first week home, I slowly, over the first 3 days, incorporate the tap water to the purified water, thus allowing them to acclimate back to their regular drinking beverage of choice.

It is also always a wise idea to never change their food when traveling, if you are not sure whether your vacation spot will carry the food your pup eats, always, always bring it with you.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to never change their diet when traveling.  Yes, even if you make their food, my pups are on a homemade diet (more to come on that soon), and I make sure to bring the necessary supplies or check ahead to make sure there is a store close by that will have the ingredients I need.

My sister and I enjoying the view with the Pups.

The first few days at home are about trying to get the pups back to regular walking, sleeping and eating schedules.  Whilst on vacation they always seem to receive a little more goodies that seem to slip under the table, but at home I try to make sure they understand that there are no extra little treats or I would never be able to go to work or get anything done.  I try not to invite anyone to the house for the first week or so, that way their excitement is kept at bay.  As long as you get them back to the regularly scheduled program as soon as possible, your pup should be back to normal (or as close as he or she was before the trip) within a week.

Misiu refusing to let me pack the bags so we can get back home.

Misiu refused to budge.

I only get kisses like this when I take them to the beach.


30 Jul

Life leads us on many different paths, sometimes it takes only one moment to make us rethink our choices and regroup the sanity of fears, hopes, wants and needs rumbling in our heads, begging to be fulfilled or, at least, organized.

Sometimes a vacation can stimulate your senses, prompting a complete retreat from any media stimulation, which, in turn can cause the imagination to spiral out of control and lo and behold work is done; books are half way written, and our minds and bodies are once again open to the outside world.

The need to shut out the over-sensationalized hype of all media content gives a wonderful reconnection to the real; to the real that is in our minds waiting to make its own mark on society.

Take a break, step away from technology while you vacation and beyond if you can.

You will reawaken your senses and once again be aware of the world around you; nature at its best.  The result will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, ready to take on the world, or at least a few more chapters of the novel that is waiting to finally be written.

Oh how I love vacations, traveling, discovering, immersing into different cultures, if only all of life was a continuous vacation.

Ah, alas, that is why I discovered the wonders of writing, for sometimes it can be.

Euro 2012: Have a Drink or Two

29 Mar

Would a soccer match be as good without a celebratory drink?  Although many will join the argument in regard to the best beer or vodka in Europe, I have my own favorites.

If you are in Poland for any of the soccer matches, don’t forget to try some of the local favorites.

Some of the more popular Polish beers are Zywiec, Tyskie, Zubr, Lech, Okocim, Warka, Debowe Mocne, Tatra.

Zywiec is a great pick; the porter is my favorite, with a slight chocolaty flavor (??) and a pleasant crispness that does wonders to my pallet.

Top Vodka brands are Sobieski, Pan Tadeusz, Belvedere, Żołądkowa Gorzka, Dębowa, Krupnik, Chopin, Żubrówka, Luksusowa, and Wyborowa.

My favorite is Żubrówka.  Żubrówka also known in English as Bison Grass Vodka, is a brand of dry, herb-flavored vodka that is distilled from rye and bottled at 40% alcohol by volume. Its flavor is unique and is described as having vanilla, coconut, and almond notes. The name comes from grass eaten by polish bisons, (żubr – bison) and in each bottle you will find a blade of bison grass.

In Poland, vodka is usually served chilled, not on the rocks , not mixed and without a chaser; I cannot really imagine a Polish native ordering a vodka and coke or vodka and orange juice.  What you  may become familiar with, I have to say it is my favorite, is Żubrówka with apple juice or cider. The combination is delightfully sweet with a great kick, unfortunately substituting with apple juice bought in the states just doesn’t give it the same flavor, so if you can get your hands on Polish apple juice, I advise it whole heartedly.

If you find yourself lucky enough to be invited to an authentic Polish dinner, make sure you bring your appetite; the food and drinks never stop coming.  The secret is to take a drink with every bite 😉   If you have the elusive invitation to try some bimber, do so with enthusiastic vigor.  Bimber is Polish moonshine (never say never).

I am definitely having a beer tonight; a lovely, crisp cold Polish beer.

Happy International Women’s Day, Now Let’s Get Our Game On

8 Mar

Cristiano Ronaldo may be a tabloid favorite but the football (soccer for my American friends) player has not been able to keep in line with his rise to fame: as the highest goal scorer in a season for Real Madrid.

For any of my readers who are new to the game or have not yet been bitten by the soccer bug; the star and famous striker is mostly known, on this side of the Atlantic, as a perfectly sculpted, bachelor who seems to enjoy dating a plethora of beautiful and famous models.

However, in the first friendly match in National Stadium in Warszawa the Portuguese team, even with the assistance of their famous striker, Ronaldo, could not manage to get the ball past the Polish team.

The National Stadium, the last venue to be completed for the UEFA ERUO 2012, was filled to capacity.  The most exciting outcome of the 0-0 draw match between Poland and Portugal was the Polish team’s high spirits.  Poland did not manage to score a goal, as they would have hoped.  However, they did manage to keep Portugal, a team 62 places above them in world ranking, from getting the ball past their goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny.

It looks like Ronaldo should spend more time on practice and less time with his Lamborghini Aventador.

Today marks 99 days until Euro 2012.  The event hosted by Poland, and the Ukraine will welcome players from around the world, and most importantly the fans who just cannot get enough football (soccer).

As I start the countdown to the festivities and applaud Poland and the Ukraine for work well done, I will share with you a love affair with a country that has so much to offer not only with its beauty but also with its people, who are full of romance.

Poland has had a varied history, which has shaped it into a delightful, and refreshed mix of old and new which we can all enjoy today.

For centuries, Poland has been a bridge between the East and West. Set in the heart of Europe, Poland is a multifaceted country where the capital and medieval towns are populated by contemporary city slickers, and where horse-drawn carts negotiate country lanes, untouched by progress.  Over the past decade, it has developed into a modern, vibrant and progressive state, yet at the same time it maintains its traditional culture.

Majestic mountain ranges, stunning lakes, rivers, beaches, vivid history, and major urban centers like Warsaw and Kraków, Poland, as the saying goes, has something for everyone.

During the summer, the country is crowded with tourists and many open-air events, from the various street theatre festivals to re-enactments of medieval tournaments.

Fall is full of picturesque beauty.  Well-known for its famous autumns the season in Poland can be enjoyed with long walks and evenings spent by the fire with good food and friends.

Winter in Poland is full of possibilities.  Skiing, snowboarding and all kinds of mountain games are a favorite pastime.  Popular Polish ski destinations, such as Zakopane, are famous all over Europe.

Spring in Poland is like an explosion of colors; every day is filled with birds singing, people walking and picnicking, everyone enjoying the beauty.

A country where the people are as warm and welcoming as is the freshly turned butter.  In Poland, you will always find a welcome pat on the back and a table full of food, wine, beer and of course, all the best pastries you could ever want.

Stay tuned for more information regarding Euro 2012, Poland and the Ukraine…

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