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What Must I Write…

4 Jun

romantic tulips

How do I know what to write? An odd question at best, for the answer drifts somewhere in the realm of your imagination, so many times that question has been posed and allowed to grow with irritation.  How can there really be one way to respond, whether writing for fun, for work, for a future you have dreamt once upon a time, whether a student, a teacher, a curious bystander of thoughts unanswered.  The question is not what, but when and the answer is anything you want and now.

To those of you distraught with the notion of subject, genre or platform, I say step back, look at the full picture, and wait until the words appear by themselves.  Writers come from all walks of life, from all over the world, and some actually get paid for their work, while others may only fathom a day when the world allows them to spend the day thinking and jotting anything interesting that may arise.  Write what you like and believe that there is no recipe when it comes to success, the universe is full of surprises and our passions may escalate to wonders never imagined.

I write because it makes me settle the thoughts in my head.  I write what I want.  Some may say there is a formula for a writer; however, I argue that sometimes that thought process keeps us from progressing to the next step.  Take one day at a time, write whatever may come and somewhere in the jumble of words, you will figure out the place for you, figure out the words that are meant to be shared with others.  I enjoy so many different things in life.  I could not eat the same thing for breakfast or lunch for too long of a time, so why must I write about the same thing day in and day out.  Of course, there are those of us who can, and I say I am glad for that as well.

For those of us who worry that we are not following a formula written for writers by writers, fear not and remember these words….

Have something to say, and say it as clearly as you can. That is the only secret.

– Matthew Arnold


The Beauty of Nature: Motivation at its Best

2 Apr

How can we hope to find meaning when we are so disconnected?

Nature restores to our senses that which has lost its importance.  The beauty of the world is before us to see, it awakens what was once believed lost.

Take a moment and look out the window,

Walk with laughter along a road you have not traveled,


Open your eyes, allow the light to show you the way.

The need to restore your place and grasp the swiftness of life is beheld,

In the green of the grass,

 The blue of the sky,

The breezes of the west,

The rain from up above,

 The strength of a mountain,


The beauty of the sea or a mere glance at the sun


Nature makes us whole, brings us back in one piece, and gives us energy to continue on paths unseen.

A writer’s world is a peculiar sphere.

The nature of doubt is always just on the horizon, acknowledge it and continue towards the unknown with eyes wide open for whatever may come.

Motivate the Imagination: Just 10 Minutes to a New You

30 Apr

As I look to another week of writing, another week of motivational reasoning behind the urge to forge on, I realize that the never-ending cycle will forever be something I have to look forward to.  Yes, we all need a little motivation; however, when it comes to writing, time is the most important essence that we lack.

The need to delve into my imaginary writing world,  where everything seems to fall into place exactly the way, I want it, is all the motivation I sometimes need.  Just the thought of grabbing ten minutes to myself, erasing the world around me, letting myself drift into the story I am creating is a writing aphrodisiac.  A stimulation of the senses that gives me energy to take on the world and all the good and bad aspects it brings along for the ride.

Sometimes all the motivation a writer needs is right under his or her nose, the motivation of escape through one’s own writing.  If you are having a bad day or a bad week for that instance, you are angry with yourself because there has been no time for writing, because you did not write as much as you should have,  your personal life is not all its hacked up to be, you burned your supper or traffic was a hoot and a howl, no worries, the escape is near.

Your motivation is upon you, run as fast as you can to a quiet corner of inspiration and let the world fall away around you, let your mind take you to the one place you can breath, the place you feel anything is possible, your story.  All you need is a few minutes to exhale, a few minutes where all your solutions manifest in your writing, and voila, your self-loathing will melt away, your confidence will return and the will to forge ahead with the week to come will no longer be a daunting task.

Sometimes all you need is a few minutes a day for a little escape and for your writing to take root beneath your fingertips, a few minutes a day is the sheer essence of motivation that will propel you to the finish line. 

Novels that Inspire and Motivate us to Write

3 Apr

The book list I hope to conquer is tumultuously long, yet here I sit reading Pride and Prejudice.  Why start out with an old favorite you ask, well it’s like the saying goes; an oldie but a goody.  Motivation and inspiration lead us to continue towards a goal, by picking this book first I have started my goals with a realistic beginning; one which will not cause me to sway and give up early in the project.  I know I love this novel thus I will finish it, if only for the fact that I will be watching the films when I’m finished; until then I am on a Pride and Prejudice film fast.

Individuals create lists because they help them stay on task and perhaps in hopes that checking away completed tasks will help them feel accomplished.  Maintaining a constant flow for your imagination to take flight is an important step in taking control of your writing career and ultimately your life.

Include reading in the schedule, it is a great way to motivate yourself, follow a pattern and stay on task.

Staying on task, writing day after day, creating new ideas and allowing them to fill empty pages is our goal; however, to reach those goals some of us need to feel like we are actually making a difference, like there is a reason for our madness.

Pride and Prejudice is the beginning of my madness, and I am strongly certain; a cheat sheet at the beginning of a daunting project is sometimes required.

Reading helps me focus, calling me back to my own dreams of procuring desirable written material for my readers to devour.  Reading the 100 plus novels  will help ideas come to light and inspire words with gumption, words that have managed to slip out of favor in today’s rushed and chaotic world.

While I read I remind myself to write.  I remind my self-esteem that not all great writers of the past flourished from the moment their words were conceived.  Time brings into the light the future and time will also tell whether or not my future projects (finished projects) will inspire the next generation or at least entertain the current one, that is my ultimate goal.

Today I have reached the half way mark on a fantastic novel Pride and Prejudice.  A novel that inspires us to hope, love and most importantly for us hopeless romantics, gives us the belief that there is a perfect someone for everyone.


Well, I sure hope so…

Pick up a novel, read it to your heart’s content, and remember to write your thoughts when you’re done, even if it’s a few hundred words or the best sentence you have ever created.  Words turn into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into pages, pages into chapters and chapters into books.

Writing is a Responsibility

28 Mar

So many of us are making our way through the ever-changing circle of being an employed writer, becoming a writer, wanting to do it just for fun, and desperately hoping one day it could yield a career.

The world is full of writers using their talent to spread words, but unfortunately, they are not all words of encouragement or even the words of truth.

Don’t we as writers have a responsibility to bring truth to the written word?

Some of us dabble in fiction, so facts, realities and truths can and are altered.  However, what about the thousands of writers who work in the media who have an obligation to the public to bring both sides of a subject to light and find the truth in either side; often these writers forget their ethical training, overlook or plainly ignore the reality of their jobs.  They have a duty to bring the written word to the reader in an undistorted way.  Yes, sensationalism sells, but that is not what we, writers, set out to do.

In today’s society, we see writing, especially in the media, creating havoc, stirring unneeded tension in a world that has already witnessed enough sadness, crime, unjust realities and terror to last us millions of lifetimes.

In a society that turns to writers to gather information, truths, details, and a small glimpse of words given from one person to another, we must use the gift we have been given as writers to help not hinder.

Many of us are on the writer’s path because we love what we do, many of us are not making a dime stirring the caldron.  We should look to the future and be proud to bring to our readers hope and justice, not another reason to stir contempt and instability.  As writers, we have the power to unite people as a whole, not create more dispersions among the masses.

Use your gift to share stories, give hope and promote love and happiness.  Yes, we have the right to know what is happening in the world and even a duty to make sure we, society, stays alert to everything around us, but as writers, we have the duty to make sure that truth is not distorted into our own fabrication of reality.

Writing is a form of artistic expression, and it is meant to open the imagination and spring forth new ideas and inspire.  However, at what point are we held accountable for what we share.  It is not just writers who must be held responsible, photography is a slippery slope as well.  I, myself, have been known to experiment with Photoshop, but how far can you go?  It is one thing to create photography as an artist and another issue when photographers share their photos as truths, very distorted truths.

I write because I want to share with my readers not only real stories of hope and love, but fictional possibilities that are alive with my imagination.  However, I hold myself accountable for what I write, do you?

Writing: The Art of Giving

26 Mar

I have always wanted to follow a path in life that was not only rewarding to me, but to others as well.  We can do so many different things with our lives; some of us are content with whom we are and what we do, others are constantly looking for a way to give back, searching for ways to share hope and love with those that are not lucky enough to receive it on a daily basis.

Nonprofit organizations and charities are a great source for anyone looking to donate time or money; in return, you can see physical proof of your giving.

Another way one can view giving is through a mental, soulful fulfillment.  Writing gives hope to many; it opens the eyes of those blind to the disasters of the world; it helps us see children who are without homes, clothes, food, running water and education.  Writing inspires us to give, to open our lives to something bigger.  Writing gives happiness to the sad, can fill time for the lonely, gives hope to those in despair and helps reconnect us to our inner thoughts and feelings.  The act of writing can create such a plethora of information; without it, the human race could perish.

Writing is an art, an art of giving.  Writers give back to the world by sharing stories, facts, concerns and knowledge.  A story, real or fiction can inspire or, simply, bring joy to another life.  How many of us have turned to a wonderful novel after a long week at work and found peace with the solitude of great words and our own imagination.

Writing gives back in so many ways, lucky are the ones that can write and touch other lives in an assortment of ways.

Write because it makes you happy, write because you have something to share, write so you can inspire others.

It is not an easy path to choose, yet somewhere in the smallest of corners, in the darkest of moments someone may remember your words and see a spark of light.

My ultimate endeavor would be to combine writing, an art of giving, with a nonprofit organization or charity and give back to the world not only through words, but also through physical change and involvement.

Spring Fling into 100+ Novels

21 Mar

Spring ushers in a time for renewal, a time for change and new beginnings.  I wonder if it is possible to start from scratch, is that ever feasible?  It is a new year and now spring brings a rebirth of nature; maybe just maybe I can start anew, no looking back only a day-to-day focus on life in the present.

For starters, I will make sure to work on one of my countless writing projects every day, even if it’s just research or jotting down 250 words.  I will also start on the 100+ books that I want to read.

The first novel will be Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Yes, I have read it countless times, but not for some time now.  The novel will help me jump-start my project, if only that it will make life less daunting.  I will then try to watch all or any films that are associated with the novels.  A hard job having to watch numerous Pride and Prejudice films, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Please let me know if I have missed any.

Springing Forward

The pups decided that they wanted to join in on Spring fever and welcome in the new season with haircuts and baths.  Misiu and Lola definitely needed a haircut and now are spick and span, and ready to take on the world.

Shaggy Misiu

Lola the fluff ball

Writing is a Dance

20 Mar

I am a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars, maybe because I was a dancer in another life, or maybe because my dance dreams never manifested in this one.  The show gives individuals the opportunity to learn and showcase an alluring, stimulating, stress reducing, thought-provoking and sensual form of entertainment (for the viewer and the dancer).

Unfortunately, the individuals are stars, and I cannot participate.

As I sit down to work on my novel, I realize that writing is in a way exactly like dancing.  The writer wants to captivate her audience; take the reader to another world through fluid and artistic prose that float onto paper or a computer screen.  With a wisp of fingers, a writer can stimulate a flurry of notions, beliefs and opinions; bringing before the reader a form of entertainment that can provoke wonder, happiness, anger, sadness and countless other emotions in a brief fragment of imagination.

Dancing reawakens one’s self-confidence and sensuality; writing allows an individual to express the world’s hopes, fears and needs.  Writing awakens the individual within me, the person struggling to be seen by the outside world; it makes me whole and helps me express anything and everything, as does dancing.

As I continue to write, I look to dancing as a marvelous companion to my emotions and frustrations.  Writing and Dancing create a splendid partnership in my ever-changing and evolving journey through life.

Now for a little Dancing with the Stars Critique

(Oh what fun)

To get things started, I adore the Chmerkovskiy brothers, Maksim and Val; it may stem from Polish and Ukrainian historical relations, family members from both sides having to switch nationalities as quickly and frequently as borders between the two countries.  In recent years, Poland and Ukraine have worked on reconciling their pasts and moving forward with good relations.  Euro 2012 is a great example of the two countries partnership.  However, I think the adoration for the brothers is mostly because they can dance and look so good doing it, their personalities adding a little flavor as well.

 Val and Sherrie were terrific.  Sherrie is so animated and full of energy.  She displayed the most enthusiasm I have ever seen, on all seasons of the show, when she first met her dance partner, Val.  Sherrie is actually a good dancer; she is in tune with all her body parts and has great hip movement.  Val seems to have received all the patience in the family and does not allow anything to faze him.  Ever the gentleman and such a superb dancer, I could watch him dance all day.

Maksim and Melissa were not too bad.  I grew up watching Little House on the Prairie; it was my first glimpse of American frontier life.  Although Melissa has a long way to go in bringing out her sensuality, she is off to a good start, seeing that the cha cha is not really the best of dances to start with.  I am hoping that they stay in for weeks to come.  Maks is so much fun to watch; his expressions are priceless, his dancing full of passion and his hard edged, take no-nonsense demeanor is the cream on top of an already over indulgent white chocolate mocha.

Jack Wagner: always fun to watch (oh how I love General Hospital)

William:  too much swooning in the audience and not enough dancing on the floor

Martina: so sweet, poor Tony always has to work so hard

Katherine: what a voice, what a dancer

Gladys Knight:  all I have to say is the girl can dance, and Tristan can talk to his heart’s content

Of course, there will be a future post about stars I would like to see on the dance floor, Richard Armitage and Gerard Butler.  I know both have said they would not do it, and both are big enough stars where they don’t need to.

That being said a girl can dream.

Soccer Aid 2012: Another Celebrity Name Announced, Richard Armitage

19 Mar

My dream headline, sorry for any disappointment.

Sitting down to write has been a chore lately.  The arrival of early warm weather is never a good thing; on one hand, it inspires me, on the other hand; it makes me want to pack my bags and head to the nearest airport; a trip anyone?

Anyway moving on…

I have been so excited about Euro 2012, that I almost forgot that Soccer Aid is May 27th.  The event raises money to aid UNICEF.  It will be England vs. The Rest of the World.  The match should be very exciting; a lot of famous names are popping up on the team roster list.

Michael Sheen will captain The Rest of the World Team.  Some of the high profile team members are Will Ferrell and Mike Myers, and, of course, Gerard Butler.  Mr.  Butler is a huge football (soccer) fan and always seems to be up for a challenge.  He was great in Miracle Match (The Game of Their Lives), if you have not seen it yet, rent it at your neighborhood library.  If you are like me and have seen it countless times, let out a collective sigh… his performance was charming, fun and made me want to visit Scotland all over again.

Missing in this fun group of celebrity men, is none other than Richard Armitage.  His athletic build and charismatic personality would fit in nicely with Gerard Butler’s tough, yet sensitive demeanor.  Mr. Armitage will greatly be missed, especially those great thighs in a pair of soccer shorts.

All this daydreaming made me come up with my own The Rest of the World Team.  I mean come on; a girl has to use her imagination for something, although it should be focused on finishing a fan fiction novel, but hey, life is short.

The Rest of the World Team lineup:

Coached by Sean Connery and Morgan Freeman


(11 on the starting line and 5 substitutes)

Richard Armitage

Gerard Butler

Hugh Jackman

Bradley Cooper

Eric Bana

 Prince Harry Windsor

Colin Firth

James Mcavoy

Enrique Iglesias

Orlando Bloom

Shia Labeouf

Daniel Craig

Jude Law

Brad Pitt

Matthew Macfadyen

Robert Downey Jr.

(Yes, I am aware I have a slight infatuation with UK actors)

A Squad consists of 25-30 players on a team; is there anyone I have missed?  Who would you like to see added to our imaginary and fantastic World Team?

Is anyone else struck by the fact that there are no women players in the Soccer Aid 2012 Match?

If you have a great women’s team line-up, I would love to hear it.

Writing: A Bloom of Possibility

14 Mar

Spring is upon us, rather a little sooner in most parts of the world than expected.  The trees and shrubs have started an early bloom, embracing the warmth and unfolding their beauty to the prying eyes of the human race.

Writing is a steadfast endeavor, if you continue to march ahead a little at a time, then results will be inevitable.  Like a shrub that has started to bloom, unraveling its tiny petals, grasping for energy from the warmth of a new season, so must our habitual writing practices.

Writing is like a newly flowered shrub in the midst of a forest yet to awaken to the possibility of new life.  Sometimes one bright and lovely, interesting and persuasive idea can coax the imagination and reawaken our creativity.  One burst of an ‘aha’ moment and we can uncover a plethora of fantastic prose that magically stemmed from just one petal.

The weather and the beauty of this season is a great reason to be inspired and believe in ones writing talents.  No, not all of us are meant to be the next big thing, the next J. K. Rowling, but we can all strive to create a little magic, the magic of writing.

Remember that anything in life can inspire a moment of creativity, use it to your advantage and never miss a moment of reflection.  Write to create, to awaken your heart to the possibility of something special yet to be discovered.


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