Inspire your Confidence, Create Success: Sometimes a Good Sports Match is the Key!

13 Jun

The idea of success, no matter what your path in life may be, has been installed in our minds since before most of us can even remember.  As small children, even newborns, there are the hopeful dreams of our parents that we will be successful in life and love.

However, success can only show its bright glow if we have the belief in our talents, the belief in what we, as individuals, can bring to society, and the feeling, that ‘I’ can make a  small impact in this world.

Watching Euro 2012 has been a delight, but as I have noticed, just as the media writes off certain teams; Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal, the team goes on to equalize their position in the tournament, proving once again that they will not come tumbling down; not yet.  Confidence and motivation become the key elements that draw someone back in the game, which creates an opening for success.

PortugalCzech RepublicPoland

No matter what your goals in life may be, no one should have the ability to keep you down, to keep you from reaching for the highest star and making it your own.  We have seen it all through history; those that have been turned down, rejected and unappreciated have blossomed.  As a writer, I have had my fair share of rejection, but what else is there to do but keep trying, keep writing, continue perfecting and push harder for the ultimate outcome: the published project.

We have to push through all the individuals who want to tell us we are not good enough.  We have to strive to continue no matter the chatter behind our backs, the part of the world that wants us to fail can only be proven wrong, if we work harder and push for our own future, the one we write with our own ambition and the confidence we build from within.

Sometimes big sports events can reawaken our senses, and stir ambition.  The summer will prove to be full of such events; first Euro 2012, next the 2012 Summer Olympics, and all kinds of fun stuff in between.


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