Welcome to my world. I am excited about sharing all kinds of fun things with my readers.  I have a profound need to cherish the love that comes from so many different aspects in our everyday lives. We have good days and bad days, in between the good and the bad are a bunch of things that can make us happy, make us smile, or just (in all honesty) get us through the day.  Now before you think I am getting carried away, no, this is not a self-help blog, nor a, ‘I can tell you how to change your life’ blog. Merely, I am giving you a place to indulge in what makes you happy, what makes you fall in love with life.

For instance, it could be that obsession, a like or plain love for an actor, actress, musician, artist, etc….

Obsession or love (sometimes there is no difference- I am sure many beg to differ) for your pet

Love of a perfect meal (healthy, not too expensive, and explode in your mouth yummy)

Love of travel, anywhere, even if only in your daydreams

Love of a good book or a bad book for that matter (who ever said one could not love a piece of literature that another abhors)

Even the love of shopping (not very save the world, I know, but sometimes you just need it)

Love of soccer (football)

The love for family, a significant other or for humanity.

I think that love is what propels us through the vastness of life. However, not just the love for another person, but also the love that we can find for ourselves, for nature, for our pets, for other people’s triumphs (of course that takes some work). I want to express the possibilities of finding love through knowing yourself and allowing yourself to age with happiness in your life. Not what is expected of us, per society, but what makes us happy (gasp in horror if that offends you).

Things that make you love life are things that make you love yourself in the first place, finding comfort in what makes you a unique individual is what will get everyone of us through the day-to-day grinds of life. It is not all fun times, not even close, however, by being able to accept what makes you happy, love will find a way to join your inner circle. All these things drive us to become the well-rounded individuals whom we live with day to day.

We have to love ourselves if we ever plan on sharing or experiencing love from the outside. The love can come from many different things, places and people and here at ‘Just a Girl and her Pups’ you can indulge in the distinctive aspect of only being yourself and enjoying the little joys that life can bring.

Oh and yes, I almost forgot, the things I love that drive my life (there are many, I will name a few, but you will have to follow ‘Just a Girl and her Pups’ to learn about them all)

My family (love them, sometimes can’t get enough, sometimes have too much)

My friends (love them, like them, sometimes annoyed by them-but couldn’t live without them)

My dogs (that includes all the issues that go along with owning a pet, the good, the bad and the ugly)

Movies, television, literature, music (these I cannot name out right, the list is too long and versatile; that’s the reason you should keep coming back for more)

Food (the healthy kind, I have become a stickler for consuming healthy, pesticide free or organic, vitamin rich, disease preventing (fingers crossed), culturally rich, but above all creative and yummy food)

Travel (my heart would perish without the prospect of visiting interesting places-even if only in my dreams)

Writing and photography (passions that inspire me to reach for the stars and foster my creative side every day of the year)

Dancing (in another life, I must have been a professional ballerina or a ballroom dancer (it seems to have stayed in my soul), although in this life, I could use some practice.

Soccer (football) (a Madridista at heart, but major league soccer (mls) in the USA needs some love)

Have fun, indulge, love a little or a lot and come back for more.


One Response to “About”

  1. willingwheeling September 23, 2012 at 11:12 pm #

    Interesting reading. Thanks, Tony

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