Poland is home.  It is where my heart lays, my family history, tribulations, and secrets.  It is where my heart can find peace and where my soul finds joy.  However, Scotland is the cure to my nostalgia.  It is the answer to what ails me, the serenity of history in the land, and in the water of the lochs… the lochs that illuminate my face and cast the future in its reflection.  Spain is the sugar to my passions.  The richness of the people, the calm of mañana, and an unrivaled need to thrive in the face of uncertainty inspires my creativity.

To me, the countries are linked by their courageous struggle, everlasting patriotism, and endurance. 

In Poland, I find peace in the connection with the people and the heritage.  In Scotland, I find a connection in the land, its ability to settle my thoughts and allow questions to be unanswered.  In Spain, I am enlightened to search for unending love, the fervor of the land and its people awakens my heart.

The wind blows, the tundra rustle; the birds sing, the sea beckons, and the sun warms my future. 

 In travel, the future is not chasing me, I just am. 



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