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Olympic Motivation; Let the Writing Begin…

31 Jul

Someone wins a gold, silver or bronze medal, they shout to the skies, thank everyone for giving them the strength and courage to work hard, strive for remarkability and create history.

The Olympics has always been a family event in my house; we watch the events together as much as possible, have, of course, all kinds of opinions and take great joy in the special moments.

Another great side effect of the Olympics; the I can do anything attitude.  Great sporting events have a way of stirring my imagination and propelling me toward my own finish line.  I feel like anything can happen, like my goals are attainable if only I live by the words of Jerry Garcia, “Run faster, jump higher, reach farther, and you’ll always win!  Live life expecting the worst, hoping for the best, and living for the future!

Sporting events are that special something extra that motivate me to keep going no matter what my fears may be, and even if I fail I will never look back one day and say, what if.

Of course, I am partial to certain sporting events, so these great motivational moments only happen so often; the Olympics (summer or winter), European Football Championships, World Football Championships (okay basically any football (soccer) events, especially when they include Real Madrid), French Open, Wimbledon, Us Open, Epsom Derby, Kentucky Derby.  These are just a few of my favorite events, although, as you can see, I do lean toward football (soccer), tennis and horse racing.

Do the Olympics inspire you to try your hardest?  There are so many great moments, I can never pick any in particular, especially since sometimes the least expected, least talked about moments end up becoming the most phenomenal.


Sylwia bogacka (Poland Silver medal Shooting 10m air rifle)


Great Britain (Bronze Medal Gymnastics)

Mexico (Silver Medal in synchronized 10-meter platform diving)

Zara Phillips (silver medal as a member of Great Britain’s equestrian three-day eventing team)

Ryan Lochte (USA Gold Medal in 400 IM)

Poland vs Great Britain

Tom Daley (great Olympic story, nice physique!)

Spain Beach Volleyball (the women go for a win)

Poland Beach Vollyball (the men want a piece of the action)

Of course, there are so many more, what did I miss?



30 Jul

Life leads us on many different paths, sometimes it takes only one moment to make us rethink our choices and regroup the sanity of fears, hopes, wants and needs rumbling in our heads, begging to be fulfilled or, at least, organized.

Sometimes a vacation can stimulate your senses, prompting a complete retreat from any media stimulation, which, in turn can cause the imagination to spiral out of control and lo and behold work is done; books are half way written, and our minds and bodies are once again open to the outside world.

The need to shut out the over-sensationalized hype of all media content gives a wonderful reconnection to the real; to the real that is in our minds waiting to make its own mark on society.

Take a break, step away from technology while you vacation and beyond if you can.

You will reawaken your senses and once again be aware of the world around you; nature at its best.  The result will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, ready to take on the world, or at least a few more chapters of the novel that is waiting to finally be written.

Oh how I love vacations, traveling, discovering, immersing into different cultures, if only all of life was a continuous vacation.

Ah, alas, that is why I discovered the wonders of writing, for sometimes it can be.

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